Answer: Where Did the Kermit “But that’s None of My Business” Meme Really Came from…?

Meme - Kermit Drinking Tea But thats None of Business

If you’re looking for the answer to where the Kermit “But that’s None of My Business” meme came from, me too.  I was searching for it the other day.  And I found it – well, kinda.  Read this entire article to get the FULL ANSWER.

Kermit’s Meme is EVERYBODY’s Business, But that’s none of my business…

So, it’s like 3am or something in the morning and I’m restless… trying to get work done and I think someone threw up a “That’s none of my business” meme on Facebook.  You know the meme I’m talking about.  The ones that feature Kermit sipping a cup of Tea and the text says “BUT THAT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”.  Yes. Those memes.

Well, after I saw my first one on Instagram I think, either earlier this year or late last year, I almost died laughing.  The sarcasm and satire captured in it given the subject matter the meme was referring to was so spot on, I had to laugh.  And so since then, I actually downloaded a Kermit meme in my phone juuuuuust so that when I have to tell someone off via text, I can follow up with a “But that’s none of my business…” to show that I could be wrong.  But I really do it in part because it’s just so darn funny to state the obvious but take a step back and say via meme – HEY! I could be wrong…

Back to the question though.  Where did the Kermit “But that’s none of my business” meme come from?

Answers to Where That’s None of My Business Meme Origin

So when I was searching – literally searching “where did but that’s none of my business come from” on Google, I got all kinds of strange information. None seemed to give me a date and context of how it came about but I didn’t ready deep enough.  Turns out the Meme started in 2014 kinda.  The memes were tagged #kermitmemes. But specifically, the “that’s none of my business” memes started off with an Instagram tag @kermitbelike according to in June 17, 2014.  And the image was referring to certain women described as a “ratchet”. Now, you have to really understand urban subculture to get the term “ratchet”.  I can’t get into it right now, but let’s put it this way:  Ratchet is a term that is almost like the equivalent of redneck but instead of it referring to one who’s super country, it’s urban.  Anyway that’s a little about how it all got started.Meme - Kermit But That's None of My Business


So in short, June of 2014 is when it technically was documented as showing up in the social media world and the rest is history.  But here’s the other question I had.  Where or how did Kermit get associated with this urban commentary tone?  I mean he’s a Muppet.  Muppets aren’t hood or thuggish or “ratchet.” Where or how did the connection get made that Kermit of all characters would represent the voice of sarcasm and satire as social commentary?

 Graphics - CTA - Author Speaker

How Memes Work and Capture Our Unrelated Thoughts…

Now, as I did my research, I noticed that there was a reference to a video that Kermit was featured drinking tea. And I thought … Ahhh yes, that must be where the phrase “But that’s none my business” must have been recorded.  But when you watch the video below, you’ll find what I found.  That Kermit NEVER says anything even close to “That’s none of my business…”  Watch the video and actually hear what he says after drinking the tea.  This brings to light the fact that Memes have nothing to do with reality other than the realities we imagine and the undeniable truth that a picture is worth a thousands words and now, memes.  Meme’s basically give us the power to paint reality as our funny, sick and twisted minds see the world and it allows us to laugh at ourselves (and others) without being too mean – sometimes.  But overall, memes have to be one of the greatest innovations of the social media age that allows us to not take life too seriously…


Watch the video below to see what I was talking about …

Wanna see how a meme works? Caption One.

Take a look at the picture below and caption it in the comments below and I’ll create a meme that gets the most likes when they’re drafted and posted on the Buihe Madu & Co. Facebook page.   Alright.

Meme Caption the image below.

Memes - No Gains Look (Cropped).png

MEME CAPTION (1): Your facial expression when you see America nominate an apprentice to be President of the United States. Wait for it.
MEME CAPTION (2): The face you make when you watch a Facebook comment thread that makes no sense.
You get the idea.
 Okay your turn.  Caption the image above in the comments section below.


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