Answers: What’s the Best Marketing Method for Social Entrepreneurs? (Inbound Marketing Series)

If you don’t know much about Inbound Marketing Start with this article.

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In weeks to come, there’s a series of blogs that I’ll be dedicating to social entrepreneurs who are where I was years ago – on the frontlines of resistance.  When I started my consulting practice in 2011, I was gung-ho about making a difference in the world.  I had a book that I’d written later that year; I had a social enterprise venture that I wanted to start.  I saw clear-as-day about the problems I felt my organization could solve.

In Search Of the Best Social Entrerprise Marketing Method

Then came the time to sit with the organizations I wanted to consult and their board members, and their excuses, and their reluctance, and resignation, and their unspoken cynicism and digital ignorance – and you know how the rest goes.  After years of having some success, I still felt that the non-profit or social enterprise organizations that I wanted to help were not…

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