How to Punch Monday in the Face – But Not So Hard!

Oscar The GrouchAs a productivity enthusiast, I owe it to myself and my readers to constantly find sneaky ways to beat themselves at either the game of procrastination or win hands-down in boosting productivity.  And I noticed recently that Oscar the grouch’s face really captured what Monday would look like if we could create a character for it.  But all jokes aside, there’s a lot that I want to say and wish to share about mastering the art of Monday’ing or discovering how to Punch Monday in the face.  And first and foremost you have to agree that it’s a mental game.  And secondly, you have to believe there are solutions to outmaneuvering the inertia that Monday holds.

To make sure we’re on the same page, please take a moment and listen to the Grind Scheme Podcast that I shared not too long ago about how to grapple with Monday and win.  Leave a comment or share you thoughts on it.  And I’ll follow up next week with a blog post worth stopping your mastery of content scrolling 🙂  Check out the latest podcast on Monday below.

Grind Scheme Screen Shot - Monday Mindset.png


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