2019 Moods & Theme Songs

Scroll down if you’ve been here before to get the latest mood setting video.

Date: Jan. 2nd

Mood: Attitude, Courage

I’m all about having music in my quiver of weapons of inspiration.   Coming  from the gym, today I was reminded of the Black Panther movie and soundtrack.  The movie inspired me to workout with hopes of looking somewhere close to King T’Challa.  And this became my theme song.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’ll be adding more tunes as the year goes on.

New Mood Added: Confidence and Swag

Today’s song adds puff to the chest when I hear the first few bars of it – before I hear a lyric.  And I’m curious to see what mood it puts you in.  Leave a comment below.

Date: Jan. 8th


So, here’s a new tune that I discovered while watching an apple commercial this past week.  It’s by Cosmo Sheldrake – yup. I didn’t know who he was either.  But after hearing a clip of his song “Come Along” in the iPhone XR ad, I had to hear more.

And I was not disappointed. This guy is good.  There’s two different videos of the tune – one’s gross and the other one’s not.  You’ll know why by minute 3 which one you want to watch.

Here’s the Apple Ad that got it all started…

Now heres the actual video by the man himself.

Video Version No. 1 of Come Along | Cosmo Sheldrake

Video Version No. 2 of Come Along | Cosmo Sheldrake

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