Watch Video: 744 Hours GONE! aka January is OVER! What Now? Here’s What’s Next…

So, I was on my way back from the gym the other day and decided to shoot this video on my way up the stairs – NOT A GOOD IDEA!  But I had to do it because I felt it was a timely message.  So, listen close and take action when you’re done.  SUBSCRIBE to the youtube channel too.  You can do that here.

Video EDIT: Also – In the video I said you sleep a third of the day – that’s actually 33.3 percent.  So my mental math was wrong.  Just wanted to correct that for the nerds like me that are watching 🙂 Enjoy the video.

What Next? Follow the Instructions Below

Here’s some practical instructions on what to do next in your journey…The instructions are in the January Newsletter post here: January Is Over – Now What? Here’s 3 Back-On-Track Actions to Take

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