3 Steps to Discover The Power of FedEx’s Print & Go Service w/ 24 Hour Blueprint Print-On-Demand

For the LOVE of planning ahead!
Have you ever been stuck wishing you’d printed something before you left the office to a meeting in another part of town or the country?
Well, FedEx’s Print and Go might save you some frustration and embarassment the next time that happens.
And if you’re a 24 Hour Blueprint user – you can use it to save yourself some money by printing only the 24 Blueprint pages you need vs. buying the average planner that you end up not using much of the pages.
Check out the post to see how easy it is to use and save yourself from the drama of left-behind print outs.
Here’s the post which reveals the 3 Steps to Discovering The Power of FedEx’s Print & Go | 24 Hour Blueprint Print-On-Demand
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