The Dangers, Risks and Rewards of Soulmate Mythology (New Podcast)

The idea of having a soulmate – someone who’s your ONE and ONLY true love in life till death is ancient and if we’re honest, somewhat mythical.  But like most myths its origins are illusive.  And also, like most myths, it’s hard to absolutely dismiss as fable, folklore and senseless babble.

The recent GRIND Scheme podcast takes on a reflective journey to challenge listeners regardless of cultural background and relationship status to reconsider this whole notion of soulmates.  And the end result hoped for is that a better understanding of soulmate mythology can lead to the creation and cultivation of true meaningful relationships that are not stuck on the repeat cycle of fantasy driven expectations.

I hope you’ll enjoy this and be inspired to share it with those who the message applies to in your life.

Cheers & Enjoy,




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