Event: First Ever Bespoke Tasting of KLYR Rum in NYC

Get on the guest list. RSVP by contacting Buihe.Madu@klyrrum.com / 312.869.4196 to participate March 27th at Cad & The Dandy Penthouse (Space is Limited)

Philadelphia, PA – March 15, 2023 – KLYR Rum will exhibit their all new rum and other key ready to drink products on March 27 at New York’s Cad & The Dandy Penthouse showroom. KLYR will engage with an intimate group of 25-30 fashion, food and beverage hospitality leaders, and lifestyle architects hailing from the tri-state area. At the exclusive event, which unites bespoke style and hospitality industry decision makers, guests will enjoy seasonal cocktails and the opportunity to meet the founders of KLYR Rum, A Clean American Rum and also explore Savile Row’s Cad & The Dandy’s bespoke offerings of the season.

Key products that will be featured by KLYR Rum at the Cad & The Dandy Penthouse showroom include: Their premier award winning silver KLYR Rum, Ready to Drink products such as KLYR Krush, KLYR Water Cucumber-Mint, KLYR Punch, and more. 

About Cad & The Dandy | Savile Row

At Cad & The Dandy, we provide beautifully crafted bespoke suits at premium prices. Offering the finest in construction, with a full floating canvas, intermediate toile fittings, and detailed hand finishing, this is the custom suit that every man wants. Available at all our locations – Savile Row, the City of London, Stockholm, and New York – our highly skilled tailors deliver the best in hand crafted bespoke tailoring.

About KLYR Rum

At twelve times distilled and filtered eighteen times, KLYR is an innovative, fresh take on rum that speaks to American ingenuity. KLYR Rum has zero grams of sugar and zero grams of carbohydrates, and it’s lower in calories than other, more sugary rums at less than 100 calories per 1.5 oz serving. With their own in-house reverse osmosis system for the purest water and dedication to detail, the KLYR team has created a rum that you can enjoy as is or in your favorite cocktail.  

Media Contacts:

Maverick Media | Full Service Agency:  Christine Piper, +1 610-438-1344, info@KLYRRum.com   

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