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24 Hour Blueprint Products

To make sure you have everything you need to succeed in creating your ultimate work-life balance experience and designing a life that you love, use the 24 Hour Blueprint Store which includes a full range of 24 Hour Blueprint Academy products as well as lifestyle hack tools for daily life and beyond.47e4d-product2blegend2b-2bstudent2bedition2b2528full2bslide2529

(1) The complete 24 Hour Blueprint System

Your 24 Hour Blueprint System comes with:

  • The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook (Profession or Student Edition)
  • The 24 Hour Blueprint Audio Coaching library (MP3 files)
  • The 24 Hour Blueprint Annual Planner
  • The 24 Hour Blueprint Digital Worksheets (Customizeable Google Sheets)
  • The 24 Hour Blueprint LifeStyle Design App (When available)

Buy | COMPLETE System ($297)

Note: This offer doesn’t come with annual membership

(2) The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook

(Professional and Student Edition)

Regular: $27 NOW $19.00 USD


With how-to and fill-in-the-blank sheets, this one of a kind playbook will walk you through step-by-step how to literally apply the (24) Hour Blueprint lifestyle design methods to your day.  Plan and account for easy to forget life details days, weeks, months and years in advance and gain a deep sense of power and control over your life.

Buy | The Playbook ($19)

What is this? The *All New* 24 Hour Blueprint is our core product.  It is also the answered prayer for the overwhelmed, the procrastinator and overachiever have been demanding or wishing for over the years.  And now it’s here.  Finally you can know how to design your perfect day by discovering how much time you truly have to get things done ALL THE TIME, not just every now and then.

The 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook is also your fast action tool to jumpstart yourself into applying the methods and have immediate access to the documents you’ll need to start blueprinting the life you want to create.  Use the PDF’s and video links inside the playbook to learn how to document and track the habit changes you want to make and start seeing results.

How will this help you?
Just like an architect’s blueprints gives instructions for a house to be built, your playbook shows you how to do just that with your entire life not just the day.  Other benefits include:

  • No Fear – Never again have to fear not having enough time to prepare for life events – interruptions, a forgotten birthday, report, a test, paper etc.. or other surprises
  • Confidence– Gain confidence from planning your work and working your plan.  Doing what you say and saying what you do. No more making empty promises about when things will get done.
  • Security | Certainty – Plan your life in quarters, semesters and even years in advance with certainty.

That’s the 24 Hour Blueprint difference – knowing what you need to do and NOT guessing.

Buy | 24 Hour Blueprint Playbook ($19)

Available now in ePlaybook | Use PayPal or Credit Card

(3) The complete 24 Hour Blueprint Audio Library

Regular: $97 NOW: $47.00 USD


If you’re more of a person who likes audio books or really enjoys being able to listen to inspiring content while you are out and about – at the gym, in the car, on the train, the 24 Hour Blueprint audio library is perfect for you.  Filled with real conversations and interviews and recordings by Buihe Madu and guests, the audio library clarifies and gives you insights into the psychological principles that make the 24 Hour Blueprint method powerful.

Buy | Access Audio ($47)

What is this? Produced in live, on-the-go form  – the 24 Hour Blueprint audio library has two parts.  One audio collection is mindset training for the morning commute and other is the evening journey home.   Originally recorded at 8am and 5:30pm over the course of 5+ months for students and business professionals on the move – you get over 80 hours of audio tele-coaching!

With this product you’re getting:

  • 100’s days worth of audio inspiration right in your ears so you can stay focused
  • A behind the curtain conversation and inside look into what it takes to be unstoppable
  • A Tele-biography of the 24 Hour Blueprint – Learn the theory behind the principles
  • Motivating Stories of triumph in the face of death
  • Sneak peak into what lifestyle design is about and what my personal journey to creating the 24 Hour Blueprint was about.
  • Practicals on how to apply the blueprint on the daily, weekly and annual basis

How will this help me?

Focus – This will help you if you’re someone who’s on the road, or has dead in-between-times that lead your mind to wondering into negativity.

Inspiration – You don’t have to look beyond a newscast to hear nothing but bad, discouraging and depressing news.  The radio is funny but still making fun of BAD news.  The alternative is simple – shut it off.  Listen to a daily set of audios that will reliably deliver on inspiration by giving you perspective.

Buy | Access to 24 Hour Blueprint Audio Library ($47)

2016 Release | Use PayPal or Credit Card to reserve

(4) The complete 24 Hour Blueprint Planner

Regular: $127 Now: $97


The planners we use today are from the 80’s.  Not much has changed about them.  If you’re someone that’s struggled to find the planner that you could feel was custom made for you and been searching for it, you found it.

Buy | The Planner ($97)

What is this? If you love planners that you can physically hold, write on, see yourself check things off on, the 24 Hour Blueprint Planner is for you.  Designed with radical simplicity in mind, the 24 Hour Blueprint planner with dramatically lower your anxiety by giving you a place for everything.  For those who prefer – a customized version is available and created to your exact specifications.  This product is also available in a custom made form which you can brand after your own interests, passions and company. Enter that in the special instructions section of your order.

How does it work? – Helps you start trusting yourself when you write things down.  Keeping your thoughts clear so your energy can attract what you want.

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Video Coming SOON!

Watch the Video or View Webinar Replay 
This video | webinar replay will walk you through step-by-step how the 24 Hour Blueprint System works and why you should start implementing the methods in 24 Hours.  If you’re a visual person – this is what you need for this system to make sense to you.

Buy | 24 Hour Blueprint Planner ($97)

Price varies for custom versions

The 24 Hour Blueprint Academy Membership47e4d-product2blegend2b-2bstudent2bedition2b2528full2bslide2529

24 Hour Blueprint Members gives you access to the complete (24) Hour Blueprint Master Product Suite Collection…

24 Hour Blueprint Digital PDF’s Full | COMPLETE Download Library  Would you like access to countless of our blueprints or even have custom one’s made?  The membership is the best option for you.  Using the social architecture method, custom blueprints can be made to accommodate any student, professional or academic lifestyle.  Look through our library of blueprints, click, buy and download what you want, when you want it.

  • (1) Standard 24 Hour Blueprint (2018-2019 Edition)
  • Join us for quarterly webinars ($187 Value)
  • Get discounts on LIVE events
  • Get first access to our new products
  • Get access to weekly coaching calls
  • Access a community of lifestyle architects and professionals
  • And so much more


Buy | 24 Hour Blueprint Annual Membership ($97/Year)

These products are for Visionary, Talented and Gifted Creatives, Students, Professionals, and Entrepreneurs…

If you’re not sure if these products are for you, start with a simple productivity quiz to learn more…
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