3 Decisions You Can Make NOW To Drama-Proof Your Life (And Holidays)…

This article will provide you with a clear and stress-free actions you can take for your holiday activities and plans to be drama free and chill this season.

During this holiday, if trends are similar to last year, about a third of an estimated 112.5 Million Americans will take to the skies to visit their “loved  ones.”  Notice the quotes around the word loved ones.  Yes. And that’s because for many people, their travels during the holidays are based on obligations to see their “loved ones” vs. traveling to see those they actually want to see and spend time with.

But once you’re around family and your guard is down, this is when all the changes you’ve been making all year gets tested.  If you’re tired off the predictable back and forth and discord that sometimes comes with being around family during the holidays, check out the video below which addresses 3 decisions you can make right now to avoid anticipated holiday drama.

Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

– Buihe Madu | The Image Architect™

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