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3 Secrets to Dressing Better by Stressing Less

Quick Stats and Facts

According to a poll by London Retailer Marks & Spencer…

  • Men and women spend anywhere from 13 – 17 minutes a day of their weekdays deciding (and thinking about) what to wear to work. And…
  • Over 25% of them have thrown tantrums and clothes around because they’ve been so frustrated trying to figure out what to wear.
  • On weekends they supposedly spend 14 minutes deciding what to wear out on a Friday or Saturday night, some estimate it to be at least 20 minutes.. 

What Does This Really Mean?

  • It means men and women are using the equivalent of about 200+ working days of adult life being spent on figuring out “what to wear?”
  • This also boils down to approximately a full workweek and half (63 hours/year) being spent sometimes worrying, stressing and struggling with the anxiety of being embarrassed by wearing the wrong outfits!!!)

So What’s the Solution?

To fix this present and immediate future challenge, I’ve formulated the Style the Legend approach which helps men and women easily do the following:

  • Create wardrobes that best represent who they are, how they see themselves and how they want to be seen I.e. a banker to represent trust with clients dresses in the conservative “banker blue” suit
  • Become free from the anxiety, stress and guessing that comes with figuring out cost effective ways to find brands, styles, and create looks that consistently work.  For example, Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off Fifth – to name a few, are great luxury options for building colorful and sophisticated wardrobes without breaking the bank.
  • Find peace of mind by organizing and coordinating wardrobe options in ways that simplify the daily “what am I wearing today” dilemma i.e. weekly work wear including clothing to layer, tops, sweaters, shoes etc. should be organized in a way where the daily dilemma of the “what I’m wearing today?” question is addressed before it even comes up in the morning.

This is how I’ve worked with clients for the last 10 years to build their images not only just from the ground up but from the inside out to dress more efficiently by loving what they wear. And now I will share the secrets that have allowed me to consistently deliver delightful looks for my clients.

Here Are The 3 Secrets

In short, the secrets to dressing better by stressing less comes down to:

1. Knowing Your Legend

Knowing your legend means knowing yourself enough to tell someone what character(s) you’re playing in your daily life and career or would like to play. This is essentially your self generated narrative. This also eventually becomes your story. And this story is what I refer to as your legend.

From my perspective, life is a big costume play. When you Style the Legend you get to costume play on your own terms.

2. Knowing Your Looks

Once you know your story and legend, it’s easier to identify who already embodies the look yo want and use them for ideas and inspiration.

And it becomes easier to select what shirts, blouses, jackets, sportcoats, pants, rings watches etc. that will tell your story without you having to say much. This is the power of styling your legend. And this is why is less stressful – you’re not dressing to impress, you’re now dressing to express.

3. Knowing Your Lane

Now that you have a good understanding of what should and shouldn’t be in your closet and wardrobe, a style advisor can help you with refining what direction to go with when it comes to tailoring, pairing and styling details.

As simple as this all sounds, it takes practice and patience. And with the help of a styling professional, it can be easier for you to discover your lane to stressing less and dressing better.

Here’s to finding PEACE in your WARdrobe,

– Buihe Madu

PS: Need help with figuring out how to stress less and dress better? I’m here to help – email buihestyleadvisor@gmail.com to book a consult.

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