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7 Reasons (& Stats) Why ONLY 8% of People Will Achieve Their Goals This Year | 24 Hour Blueprint Series

24 hrbp fun facts 8 percentOk.  It’s extreme to say there are 7 reasons why only 8% of people will achieve their goals this year but it’s what I gathered from Inc.com‘s Marcel Schwantes article published last summer.  But whether it’s 1 week or a 1 year horizon, most people who set goals don’t hit them.  And there’s some disturbing reasons why.  I use the word disturbing because as we go over them, they’re so absurdly simple, you’ll be disturbed about why you don’t do them more consistently to achieve your goals.

So, before I get into the series of 7 reasons reasons why only 8% of people will achieve their goals this year you should know this: I’ll be including of some fun facts and stats from different sources which I’ve woven into this series. And I want to put out a disclaimer with respect to my thoughts on stats and “facts” in general.

Disclaimer on Stats on Stats On Stats on Why People Don’t Achieve their Goals …

Everywhere you go there’s stats on stats on stats. And then facts on facts on facts.  And these days, you can’t share content, a quote, a stat that totally rings true without someone in your comment thread chiming in with “FACTS!!!” or the phonetic equivalent – FAKS!

And who knows which stats or facts are true or not?  Are the sources of these facts and figures we quote and reference real? If so, how real? Are they imagined? And do we all agree with the methodologies the researchers approached the raw data with in order to extrapolate those facts?  Who knows.  And who cares.

I think in the end, unless we were part of the research team that actually pulled the raw data or did the analysis we have to take all stats with a grain of salt (and pepper), you know — the kind you have to grind out of the container by twisting the top.

Stats, The Tooth Fairy and Santa Clause

So, here’s my last stat disclaimer.  I like to think of stats sometimes as we should think of the Tooth Fairy or Santa Clause.  If the stats like the Tooth Fairy or Santa are real, fantastic.  It makes for good valuable content that sometimes is worth money from the attention they generate.  Or in the case of Santa and the Tooth Fairy, if we look for money under the pillow or a gift under the tree and there’s something there, SCORE!

And if the stats (and the Tooth Fairy or Santa) aren’t real, there’s always someway to spin the whole thing as fun while it lasted and still get some takeaways from the pillow or Christmas tree of fun and engaging content.

Last Word Before the Series Kicks Off…

The basis of the 7 Reasons presented in this series is as I’d mentioned is Marcel Schwantes article via Inc.com, however, I’ve take the next step and flesh out the WHY behind the 7 things high performers referenced in his article do differently.  So, in a sense this series is a comparative and insight driven one.  I think you’ll really like it. And if you do, please leave comments and share this to get more feedback.

With that, here’s to a great new series filled with fun facts and stats to highlight America’s relationship to productivity, time management and performance. You’re welcome to get the full collection of fun facts and stats over on the 24 Hour Blueprint Instagram and the 7 Reasons Why Only 8% achieve their goals in image form on the Buihe Madu Instagram page.  The next blog post will have the details and solution to overcome the first reason.  So, don’t miss that when it’s posted.  In the meantime…

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