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A Brazilian Cinco De Mayo??? (with Video)

Brazil-xican.png10:45pm | Washington, DC …

I don’t drink. But when I do, I drink on Cinco de Mayo – Just kidding!  But May 5th aka Cinco de Mayo, like any other Americanized marketing opportunity is a great day to raise your shot glass and celebrate life.

So, this past evening on my way home, I came across some food trucks on 18th St. near Dupont Circle in DC.  One of the trucks was a Mexican food truck.  And while waiting for my order, I heard a song playing.  And it was one of those songs that I’d heard before but couldn’t remember the artist.

The tune was festive and got me dancing and moving my hips while I waited.  And it was catchy.  After getting my chicken fajita burrito, I rushed upstairs.  And I thought, “man, that song playing was so cool…I think Sergio Mendes had it on his album.”  I Youtube searched and yes, it was Sergio Mendes!  But wait a minute.  Sergio is a Brazilian Musician.  Why was the Mexican food truck playing Sergio Mendes?  I didn’t even want to ask anymore questions.  I just enjoyed my burrito, listened to the tune and wrote this blog to wish you Happy Brazilian Cinco de Mayo.  And even if you’re reading this after Cinco de Mayo, know this: It’s Always Cinco de Mayo somewhere.


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Here’s the tune I was trying to sing along with…


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