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A Review of Hotel Hendricks – An Evening of Lights and a Night Out on a New York City Rooftop

Hotel Hendricks

Currently at $170/Night for a Superior King Bed’s nights rest in New York City, I’d say as a native New Yorker, Hotel Hendricks has the best deal on a night in New York City right at this very moment.  And anyone considering visiting New York would be foolish to not take the brand new hotel offer and run with it.


But I didn’t stop by tonight to stay the night.  I just wanted to pop in, check out the scene, grab a drink if the mood was right, and roll out for their rooftop bar.


SO, on the way home tonight, I stopped by Hotel Hendricks, a new boutique hotel located at 25W 38th St. – few blocks from 42nd street and not too far between both Grand Central and Times Square New York.  It’s perfectly located on a side street away from the noise as well.


And I learned about the hotel the same way everyone finds out about exciting places to visit these days – No, not Google. But, yes, on SOCIAL MEDIA of course.  But it was Instagram to be specific.  A friend had posted a story about a night out at the urban glam themed up hotel and it looked like a great time.  So, naturally I started following the hashtag – #hotelhendricks on Instagram to get a sense of what I’d been missing.


Honestly, I’d been looking for place that was more of a local New Yorkers experience at a boutique hotel vs. the traditional DoubleTree or Marriot hotel bar that you can find anywhere in tourist central New York. And I felt Hotel Hendrick’s Rooftop bar would do the trick.


First Impressions of Hotel Hendricks

On this evening, there wasn’t an event happening.  So, there were almost just as many waiters present as were guests sitting when I get there Friday night.  The space is inspiring to look at but the better word might be seductive to the visual senses. I had to take directions from the host by the elevator to walk around the elevator to see where the bar was located.  That’s part of the seduction too. And the space, is no doubt a lavish-luxe space.


When I go into a hotel, I’m all about the details and how they appeal to the senses.

So…Let’s talk fixtures – The first thing that grabs you is the glass octopus-like lamp that has about 25 lights with mini lampshades place in various orientations.  I think there are 3 – 4 of these in the entire space – 1 for each corner.  And then the geodesic dome single-bulb light fixtures are intriguing as well.


Decor, Furnishings – The gold, birdcage chairs, zebra upholstery with deep see blue-green arm rests are also visually captivating and after walking about and noticing the pink petaled flowers placed in the center of the main sitting area, you notice that you feel suspending in the night sky of New York.


Music – The music is a great blend of neo-techno-EDM-ish versions of current best of’s and hits from the likes of Khalid, XY&O and Ben Phipps.  I really enjoyed that probably most – I’m a music guy.


Final Words on the Hendricks Hotel

To wrap up this first impressions report, I’ll say this: I’d like to come back when it’s got a crowd and see what that experience is like.  I didn’t try the drinks or food, so there’s nothing to report on that end. But I know when I return, all of the above will be consumed and reported on.


Thinking About Visiting?

So, if you’re thinking about staying or stopping by Hotel Hendricks Rooftop, you have my vote and thumbs up on exploring it based on my first impression.  And hopefully, it’s a packed night out on the town filled with beautiful lighting and a view of the city.  If you choose to stay as a guest of the hotel, I’d say – yes! Do it.  It’s taking everything in me right now to resist run down to the front lobby as I sit in the rooftop writing and booking a night.

Enjoy.  And if you’re a visitor to New York City, Welcome to New York.

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-Buihe, a New Yorker with an appreciation for practical luxurious experiences.

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