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*All New* Master Class for First-Time Authors and Speakers


Dear Aspiring Author-Speaker,

You’re invited to apply to a private exclusive and customized Coaching Master Class program – a special one-time experience which will show you the secrets of self-publishing and public speaking that are crucial to your success as a first-time or new author or speaker looking to share your message, speak to bigger audiences and sell more books.

Becoming an author or “public speaker” sounds all SEXY at first until you realize… work-1627703_1920

YOU don’t know is where to start or who to talk to to get started


> The people that said they’d help you don’t answer your calls or questions

> You get conflicting answers to your questions like:

> How do you get your book on Amazon?

> How much should you charge for your book?

> How much do you get paid for books when they sell on amazon?

> Are you better off selling your own books directly?

> How do you set up a site to sell your book?

> What software program should you use to write the book?

> Is the text formatting, font, and font size of your book right?

> What graphics should you be using?

> Who should edit your book?

> How do you even get an editor that’s reliable and trustworthy?

> How do you market your book?

> Who should you market it to?

> What’s the best title for your book?

> Who should do you book cover?

> Where do you find a good graphic designer to do your cover?

> What if nobody buys your book? Or you only sell 2?


THIS IS THE PROBLEM and PAIN that comes with self publishing.  There’s 100’s of questions like the ones above and you’re all alone Google’ing your but off trying to get answers.  And you and I know, that is absolutely not fun.

So, this is why this program was created – to reduce and eliminate the fear, anxiety, worry and stress and oh, frustration of self publishing and make the entire process fun and enjoyable!  Yup. FUN and ENJOYABLE!

If this sounds like the program for you, listen up for a second…


This coaching program has space for ONLY 5 serious participants.  Before admission, applicants are required to complete an application that will be reviewed before acceptance into the program.

As a thank you for applying, all applicants will receive a complimentary eBook download of my bestselling book, HEROmanity: 24 Hours to a HEROic Life AND a group coaching call strategy session.

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What’s In It For You?

During this program you’ll have the joy and privilege of:

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Effortlessly creating your publishing plan and blueprint with ease

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Receive a weekly coaching call

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Access to how-to videos on self-publishing through Amazon

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Scripts for booking for your first speaking engagement

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Best practice instructions on finding editors and graphic artists

One-on-one attention and so much more…

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About this Program

This program will also leverage breakthrough principles of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy, a lifestyle by design academy dedicated to supporting creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs to be happy by boosting productivity and performance.

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The playbook downloads and videos provided during this program will feature exercises that will allow you to create new possibilities in your writing and speaking business where limited options once existed or never existed before.  The best part is that you’ll get to re-use your playbooks, videos and tools as needed after the program is over.

Here’s When to Get the Application

If you’d like to be a part of this no BS-let’s-make-this-happen-for-real event, we’d like to be fair and make the application available to all who are interested on the same day – Monday, Aug. 6th and end the Application Window Monday Aug. 13th.  It will be provided in the First Time Authors Group on Facebook.   After Monday, the group will become a secret group. And you won’t be able to request to join and or find the group.

Here’s How to Easily Apply:

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Join the Facebook GroupCTA - Join our FB Group

Request to Join the group here and and you’ll receive the application form in the Group on Sunday.  I’m thrilled you’re joining us, and I can’t wait to help you write your first book and share your message.



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Then, Apply Using the Application in the FB Group

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Thanks again.  And I’m looking forward to working with you.


Buihe Madu, Author | Author, Style Architect & Founder of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy

About Me

 Here’s Actual Proof That This Works…

In 2011, I wrote my first book in 30 days – without a coach, no playbook, no blueprint – NOTHING but will and determination.

I was living in a gutted out old building on the South Side of Chicago, trying to figure out how I was going to survive.  I was unemployed.  And I had a client who I’d hoped with come through with a big money project fail to deliver and that was it.

Rather than get bitter and I decided to use what I’d learned that year and create content that I could leverage to create speaking events and book sales.  And Voila!  I got to work…Here’s the first book that I wrote.

HEROmanity - First book Cover

That’s pretty UGLY – right?  Well, that pretty ugly book started selling…This is evidence that it doesn’t have to look pretty to get started!!!! (Let’s not get it twisted though.  I did redesign the cover 5 years – see it at the bottom of this letter)


And I spoke at the following places (you’ll see below) based on that UGLY book…And UGLY Flyers too!

Graphic - Flyer - MatherLifeways Past 2012 Event.png

Mather Lifeways was a seniors cafe for senior citizens 55 and older in the South Side of Chicago!

It was the first place I ever spoke publicly after the HEROmanity book which was published on Amazon may/June 2012…

Graphic - MatherLifeways Pic 4 Cropped 268x253
Mather Lifeways

I did two workshops with them…And guests purchased books.

Then I started consulting at a non-profit organization in the West Side of Chicago…

Image result for west humboldt park development

in partership with a the University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Business …

Logo - UIC


I started guest lecturing and doing workshops for Students with the Collegiate Science Technology Entry program at…

Logo - SUNY Buffalo

And finally did a commencement speech for Northwestern College

Photo - Commencement - Northwestern 484x514
This is not here for me to brag to show actual proof that I know what I’m talking about and why I call this class a Master Class.  So, if you’re serious about writing that first book, I highly suggest you join the facebook group and wait for the application form to be dropped in there.

CTA - Join our FB Group

Here’s what the new book looks like today!  NOT…BAD Right? (Nod your head in agreement)  I’ll teach you how I did it.

HEROmanity - Book Cover in 3D

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Want to Learn How I did this?

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CTA - Join our FB Group

24 Hour Blueprint Club

With Buihe Madu


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