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Not Ok? (Let’s Talk)

As simple as this question sounds…

Why is it that so few marketers really ask it?
And why is it also that few followers and subscribers don’t demand that those they follow care enough to ask it?
Now, for those of you who are followers of my content – I actually care and want to know:
And by that I mean, given what I can do – the things that are within my scope of talents and gifts to give to you, are you ok? And is there anything that I do or can offer that will make things better for you.
Because I’m compensated to make problems go away or empower you to make them go away.
So, that said – Are you ok? Are you good? Is there anything that I’m doing that’s helpful, serving you and empowering you? Is there more of something that I do that you need to see more of that will help you?
That’s what this is all about.
So, I hope you’re ok. I really mean that. AND for those of you who are “influencers” check in with your people. Ask them are they okay and mean it. Ask how can you make life better for them or empower them to make life better for themselves.
That’s what this all comes down to for me.
And I hope you can appreciate that.
Love y’all.
– Buihe
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