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Becoming an Invincible Consultant – 3 Ways Superior Consultants Dominate in Their Niche

In one of my recent blogs, “The No. 1 Pandemic Career Move Consultants Contract Professionals-Must Make Now”, I noted how Americas workforce (which includes consultants) is dealing with 3 major pressures. These pressures force major lifestyle changes.

Here’s a look at them:

1. The pressure of lay-offs i.e. Job loss and job search dynamics

2. Reduced hours


3. Reduced pay.

Along with that, there’s a bonus challenge of maintaining lifestyle habits while stabilizing incoming cashflow with consistent client projects while dealing with all of the above.

If you’re a consultant working for a KPMG or Deloitte let’s say, your pay is tied to the clients they secure and the duration of those contracts. Now, what happens when those big clients decide they need to cut back? (That’s sometimes code for you need to be cut out of those projects).

It is at this point that the consultant has to figure out what their next move is going to be. This must also be done quickly before HR shows up to have you pack your desk.

And based on the results a client I’ve been working with produced recently, I predict the future consultant – the ones that will thrive and dominate their niche(s), will do so in 3 Ways:

1. Subject matter expertise (and mastery)

2. Client Acquisition (Sales) and…

3. Superior “Supervised” Marketing.

Now, some consultants only work on an implementation basis. In other words, they’re hired only to implement the work to be done because of their specialized knowledge. This is especially true in the Information Technology world. This is what qualifies professionals as “subject matter experts” i.e. Their specialized knowledge aka “subject matter expertise” – grants them insight on how to do what they’ve been hired to do.

But unfortunately, they don’t necessarily know how to convert prospects into clients i.e. Ability to sell their services in away that inspires a client to pay for their service.

And last, they don’t know how to set up marketing campaigns or identify a target market and communicate in a way that makes them more visible for clients to see. This includes use of social media platforms and other digital strategies for marketing.

This is where consultants are most vulnerable and are likely to find themselves scrambling to fgure out how to secure their incomes.

But those that can master the 3 things I shared above – 1. Subject matter expertise 2. Selling the services and 3. Superior marketing skills are the ones that will remain standing and thriving as the pandemic’s dust settles.

If you’re a consultant concerned about future work and wondering how to maintain a steady client flow…

My advice: DO NOT let yourself stay in the danger zone of waiting to see how things “pan out”.

Also my advice: Learn how to become invincible so you feel completely fortified to dominate your niche or industry as a go-to professional. This is exactly what I witnessed while working with a client earlier this year who’s on track to produce $400,000 in sales since April using a 10-Account Strategy I implemented.

And I’ve put together a case study-inspired video to share about their results and success has been with based on the 3 ways superior consultants dominate their niche.

Watch the latest video on the topic of “Becoming an Invincible Consultant” below.


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