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Burpees & Fries? No, Here’s What to Eat After a Burpees Workout

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Burpee Workout | L, Farai Mash, R, Yup. Buihe Madu

The other day I wrote a post about working with my strength coach Farai Mash and believe it or not, the workout didn’t last more than 30mins.  But here’s the KICKER.  The intensity of it was so great that I could barely make it past the first set before I started noticing I was really barely able to keep up the way I like to keep up.  Like a trooper, I stuck with it.  And truth be told I was able to do that last video after getting a little bit of rest.  But after the session was over.  It was time to head home and eat.  And that’s always the million dollar question.  And I’m sure you think about that question when your workouts are done.

Basics of Food Intake Before and After Working Out

So, I’ve heard different things.  I’ve heard what you eat before you workout and more important than what you eat after.  And I’ve also heard that what you eat after is important because it replenishes the torn muscles.  Therefore, getting your proteins in good dose after a workout is highly recommended.  Well, I’ll be ignorant and sensitive at the same time and say eat what feels right.  NOPE.  I didn’t say go grab a shake and fries and comfort yourself.  I mean, start to notice what your body celebrates after you eat it.  Notice and observe if you feel happy, sad, down, upset, inspired – you name it, after eating one thing vs. another.  Your body is pretty smart about what it likes and is discerning about what makes it work best.  And the better you get at listening to it, the more respect it’ll give you when you work it out.

What Should a Meal After Burpees or Any Workout Consist Of?

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Post Burpee Workout Meal

Well, I’ll tell you.  For me.  It was simple.  After I got back from working out, I had rice with beans which thankfully I had made the evening before.  And I cut up an avocado, tomatoes, onions and cilantro. I also had some roasted chicken breast to add to it all.  And while eating it, I did the happy food dance in my seat.  That’s what your meal after working out should make you do.  So, that said, I’m done for today.

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Missed the Workout Video?  

Check it out below.  It’s on Farai’s Instagram.

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