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Video Replay: But What The Hell Do You Sell Tho? (50 min) | Crucial Q&A Series

Note: If you read part of this post via one of my recent emails, you can scroll down to watch the video now.

Yesterday, a couple people unsubscribed from my email list.

You know why?

Here’s my guess…

I think it’s because they read the email subject line and got offended, irritated or annoyed WITHOUT even taking a look at the content.

I’d put 32 dollars that the title of my last email, “But What the Hell Do You Sell Tho?” was so offensive, irritating or annoying to them – they left.

And I’m so happy they did.


Because I want people on my list to have thick skin.

You hear me???


But you know what’s really, really, really sad?  

They made assumptions and judgments about the email content and the writer.

And guess what?

They’ll NEVER see or hear the magic and genius of the content inside the video session I hosted this week on what subject matter experts like you can do quickly to sell EXACTLY what their clients are ready to buy from them IMMEDIATELY.

Ready to see what the unsubscribers will NEVER see and missed out on?

Check out the recent crucial questions series episode, “But What the Hell Do You Sell Tho?” replay and learn how to figure out what your clients are dying to buy from you AND then sell it them.

You can start below.


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Video Replay: What The Hell Do You Sell Tho? | Crucial Q&A Series

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