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Calvin Harris | Slide, Feat. Frank Ocean & Migos (What’s he listening to NOW?)

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I wish there was a enough time in the world to post and share more regularly the music I’m finding inspiration from daily.  But what I have found to be a good solution is to add the videos to a playlist so that anytime I post a “What’s He Listening to Now” blog, readers can catch up on other tunes they’ve missed.  So, with that – today’s tune comes from Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean and Migos.  Now, what’s really cool about this song is the high pitched lyrics at the beginning that I had to google to figure out.  And it’s:

I might,

Empty my Bank Account…

And By that Boy with a Pipe…

Buy that Boy with a Pipe

I might.

This song will never be the same for you now 🙂 You have to listen to it to get what the lyrics above do for the song.



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