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Curious or interested in perfectly curated ready to wear, made to measure, custom style options and image consulting?  Good.

I’m here to help.

Believe it or not, my early days of coaching clients lead me to a discovery.  Some men can’t see what you’re talking about until they get a glimpse of it in the mirror.  And it starts with what they’re wearing and how they look in it.  That’s why I spent years to learn and study the art of style, made to measure clothing and dressing well.

If you’re someone who either wants an original look or have a hard time fitting into clothing that’s off-the-rack, then custom/made to measure is the best solution.

The biggest coaching benefit from the consulting you’ll notice is a mindset shift.  And we focus heavily on that as well.

Scheduling your appointment now with a simple email to – buihe@buihemadu.com

The subject should say, “Image Consulting Request”. The body, should say what you’re looking to accomplish from our image consulting sessions. That’s it.

What happens next?

(1) After emailing, you’ll receive a link in 24 hours to confirm your consultation call so we can get a sense of your wardrobing and mindset shift needs.  (Don’t worry, if all you need is a simple custom shirt or a full wardrobe makeover, we’ll figure out your exact needs and make it happen.)

(2) Sit back and relax, your wardrobing worries are over.  Based on your location, we can bring the fabric books and everything you need to building your wardrobe or meet us at a central location.



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