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GenNextMovement Next-Tech Conference:

How Technology is Transforming Media


Technology is disrupting how media is being created, consumed and marketed today.  Come, listen and learn from the experts how technology is not just literally impacting the consumption and distribution of media today BUT what it will be like in the future and how to best capitalize on the trends to come.

For professionals looking to get into the careers of digital marketing or content creation – even advertising, this is where you want to be.

Experts on the panel will be (reference and see above picture):

(Left) Panelist | Tajha Chappellet-Lanier is the lead reporter for Technical.ly | Washington, DC

(Upper Right) Panelist | Jonny Austin, Director of Technology, iStrategy Labs | Washington, DC

(Mid Right) Panelist | Thomas Sanchez, CEO of Social Driver  

(Low Right) Moderator | Buihe Madu | Founder, 24 Hour Blueprint Academy

When: Wed. Oct. 12th – 14th | GenNextMovement.org’s Next-Tech Expo | Crystal City | Arlington, VA

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Style & STEM Fall Trunk Show Event | Washington, DC


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Facebook Data Science Social | New York City

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National Society Of Black Engineers (NSBE) Entrepreneurs Conference | Washington, DC Metro Region

5th Annual Entrepreneurs Expo

Sat. March 19th – National Society of Black Engineers (Presenter & Moderator)

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