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Overcoming Being *Fired Before Christmas*…Based on a True Story (Read Now)

The end of the year not only brings about a stressful holiday season, it’s also the time when underperforming companies complete layoffs and corporate restructurings. 

By J.T. O’Donnell, Inc. Magazine contributor

Here’s my story: *FIRED Before Christmas*



(Scene: I was sitting at my tiny desk in the left windowless corner)



Him: Today will be your last day…



That’s what the Vice President of the construction company I’d work for came into my office to tell me about a week before Christmas!




I honestly thought things were going well.




But, the fact remained. I was just fired. This was in December 2010 – a week before Christmas. But it was technically considered a lay off.



What’s the difference?



Nothing as far as I was concerned.



Because whether I was fired or laid off, they both meant I had NO INCOME and 2 daughters who were barely 4 and 5 yrs old and a wife to support. I broke the news to my spouse.



And what made things worse was that my wife (at the time) was a stay at home mom then.


And we barely had one or two month of financial reserve.



This was my life before taking my entrepreneurial journey seriously.



If you’ve been working for years on finding stability and consider yourself devoted to building your business but now feel overwhelmed as an entrepreneur and business owner who needs to Stress Less, Get More Done and Grow Your Business…(and finally chill out about the future) especially during the holidays, the 4-step solution to your stress might be a few moments away.



My name is Buihe Madu and I’m a retired Civil Engineer and Urban Planner turned author and self-actualization coach that’s been there and done that and is also fully aware that others don’t have to suffer like I did from a life of stress and disappointment.



When I was “laid off” in my mid 30’s…



I’d worked a decade with over 9 different companies across 3 industries, and I came to a point where I felt that my career path and lifestyle wasn’t what I envisioned in my youth and I was terrified by what the rest of my life was going to look like being consistently unfulfilled with my work life and being at odds with my spouse…




I also struggled with an avalanche of stressful thoughts about what I felt I was responsible for providing and where I should be.




I just wanted to live enjoying all aspects of my life without feeling like a high performance stress monkey.




And I was also feeling like my talents and gifts were overlooked while my career and life opportunities were slipping out of reach.



In Feb. 2011, I was ready to literally jump off a bridge until I realized there wasn’t enough water underneath to drown in.




That’s when everything changed…I ended up leaving my family and isolating myself from the world by locking myself up in a hotel room for 3 days – no phone, no social media, no laptop, no talking to anyone but myself. And I also ate no food or water for those 3 days!




But after fighting against my inner demons and struggling for 3 days, I made an unexpected discovery.




I discovered a lifestyle blueprint model that proved to me that pursuing my vision and the life I’d deeply desired didn’t have to be stressful but rather a real joy.




And once I embraced this lifestyle blueprint model, my life was never the same. Since discovering this blueprint model, I’ve:



👍 written 2 books


👍 created an online self-coaching academy


👍 become a commencement speaker


👍 guest lecturer at multiple universities and world conferences


👍 and inspired business students and professionals with a message of self-engineered hope.




I’ve also traveled internationally on what I call lifestyle design missions to work away from home and test how well my life and business works via a laptop and wi-fi connection.




And just FYI – You don’t have to lock yourself into a hotel room like I did for this to work for you.




Naturally, I was skeptical of my own results. So I thought why not run a little test with some of my friends and clients and see if it would work for them too.




And to my surprise, it worked for most of them!




Obviously, there’s no single lifestyle time management approach that works for everyone, but I was amazed that this worked so well even for my clients.




It even worked for those who had “bad” time management habits or had tried almost everything to become stress-free and productive with little to show for their efforts.




I knew I was onto something. And since then, I’ve been able to help 100’s of people with this same discovery.




And because I’m on a mission to empower 500 business owners and entrepreneurs live stress-free high performance lives using the 24 Hour Blueprint Lifestyle design (and Chill Code) model by 2025…




I feel it’s my duty to share this discovery (that has worked so well for me) with you!




And it’s all revealed inside a FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP that you can attend right now, here 👉 http://www.thechillcode.com




Inside you’ll discover:




✔️ The #1 MISTAKE that’s costing you 4 hours and 24 mins of bliss a day and what to do about it



✔️ How to intuitively steer clear of OLD productivity myths that cause stress and disrupt your peace of mind



✔️ The 4-step proprietary process to reaching your “someday” goals in less time and creating new habits in days instead of months



✔️ The 1-page document that erases years of stress, anxiety and worry and creates a future of satisfaction and fulfillment



✔️ Why the 80/20 productivity rule doesn’t work anymore and how to fix it so you can double or triple your productivity




This online workshop is FREE to attend and it’s only for business owners and entrepreneurs who:


✋ Are in a high stress position or leadership role and want a breakthrough in performance, balancing personal and business productivity without losing their mind.


✋ Are a business owner or an overworked professional approaching or afraid of burnout.


✋ Are in meetings all the time and struggle to find time to take action on what was discussed – before the next meeting.


✋ Can’t figure out how to have “me time” without feeling anxious, guilty, selfish, rude or neglectful.


✋ You’re finding it hard to figure out why work-life balance unicorn seems to always skip you.


If you want to have a more meaningful experience of personal productivity, happiness and a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment without stressing over the “how-to’s…” in your business, this is definitely a workshop for you.


This webinar is only available for a limited time so grab your spot here

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