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Fitness Notes: Today I got a Monumental But Kicking! (Watch Video)

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Farai Mash, Man With No City

Meet Farai Mash – Creator of the blog, Man With No City.  Don’t let the smooth look and calm demeanor fool you.  He’s crazy. And he’s mean.  And his workouts are tough.  He’s actually my fitness coach from Zimbabwe.  Yup.  I fly him in once a month to coach me.  Ha!  No. Not true.  But he really is from Zimbabwe.  Since I’m a dare devil that loves a good challenge and I discovered a couple months ago that he’d created a workout manual (which I browsed and I’ll share the link in a future post) I thought – WOW! I need this in my life.  Long story short, I asked him to work with me and walk me through his manual and show me how we could implement his coaching program into the fitness module of the 24 Hour Blueprint Academy.

If you’ve watched his exercise videos, you’ll find them inspiring and entertaining especially the ones that I’m in where I’m huffing and puffing.  So, a couple days ago I called him to schedule our workout this week and wanted to capture some of the workout magic he brings.  And here’s the final set we did (see video below) known as the Faraimania Burpees – they’re named after him!

Believe it or not, Farai is moving and will have to coach me remotely.  And as a farewell, I wanted this video to inspire him, his community of followers and those who also follow me online to keep pushing themselves to go hard at whatever they’re up to.  And have fun too.  With that, I encourage you to visit Farai’s Instagram page and see the video below.  Thanks for reading and watching in advance.



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