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Food, Water & Midnight Snack Insights…

Midnight Snack & Water Run Anyone??

Nom. Nom. Nom.  Last night, I went on a long walk to the grocery store and came back pretty late – an 1 1/2hr later.  And I did a little no-no.  I did a good job of picking some good groceries I think.  I grabbed an avocado, a Nature’s Promise box of wholegrain crackers, bananas and Keebler Pecan Sundae cookies.  Yes, I know.  I’m bad.  But that was my cheat snack.  And I will say that I’m proud of my choices tonight.  So, I grabbed my groceries and went home.  Before going home though, I ran back to get water. But not any kind of water, I went back for Essentia water.  And it was SOLD OUT.  And I scratched my head again.  Truthfully, I have never found a water brand more sold out than Essentia and I ended up having to go to CVS to get it.  And it wasn’t on sale 🙁  In another post, I want to say more about Essentia but for now, I invite you to search for it and even try it.  And it’ll explain why it might be the most sold out water brand you’ll come across. Anyway…

Love to Snack and Run?

So, after getting my groceries; I confess, I nibbled on what I bought.  Do you do that too? And I the only one?  I snacked a little pm Nature’s promise wholegrain crackers, some Keebler Sundaes cookies, and I might have hit that water bottle too.  And along the 20 minute plus walk home, I listened to an audio by Neville about prayer.  So, that was my night. Until I made it home.

Let the Snackin’ Begin…Avocado’s, Mango, Tomatoes and Cucumber – Oh, MY!

After I made it home, I did a little budgeting work and then…Got down to business.  I cut half a mango up I had left over, half an avocado, grabbed some sliced up cucumber, and half a tomato.  And I added some salt to it all.  Mixed everything up and my mouth threw a party.  That was how the night ended.  But what’s the moral in all of this?  I’m seeing my self change and ask why hadn’t I ever really tried this before.  And how is it that this is what my midnight snack has become – a healthy concoction of awesomeness whereas before a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with two bowls of cereal would have done it?

I have to answer that question in another blog but for now, here’s what my insight has been.  I allowed my to eat outside the box a few months ago when a close friend suggested I try it.  And from then on, I started coming up with ideas of what else avocados and tomatoes could go with.

If you’re someone who’s been on the fence with trying to figure out how to eat in a way that honors your conscience without feeling like your locking your taste buds in jail, please continue reading and coming back. And make sure you’re a part of the growing list and community that’s participating in our Super Food Hack recipe program.  Read our last blog on it – here.

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Oh, leave a comment below if this was helpful or if you tried this and loved it.



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