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Icon - Quotation MarksIf you’re a regular reader or you are part of the daily quotes program – where you get quotes texted from me to you, you know our quotes come from different sources – ideas, movies, music, philosophy, world leaders etc.  I’m particularly fond of Buddhist inspired quotes.  So, you’ll so a good chunk of those. They’re funny, thought provoking, sometimes upsetting – in a good way, and most of all inspiring.

If you’re open to getting quotes that will wake you up and get in action or think differently daily, this is where we post our favorite quotes.  Many of them – if not, all of them are hand picked by me or an associate for your inspirational pleasure.  Read them. Share them.  Write them on the tablets of your hearts of you want.  But please do not tattoo them to your body. Because misquotes happen and it’s expensive to get that sort of thing removed and we don’t want to be blamed for that.  You know? Thanks for understanding.

If you’re already part of the text program, then you’re already good to go.  If you’re not sure, take the Happiness Assessment quiz below. (Scroll down)

Here’s a sample of some of our recent quotes:

  • Self discovery and awareness is the antidote to self deception. #KnowThySelf
  • Refute the erroneous and reveal the true. #Inspiredby #JoseiToda
  • Don’t get so conceited that you only show up to show off. #WisdomWhispers #HumbleYourSelf
  • Practice until you can’t get it wrong. #PracticePracticePractice
  • One of the enemies of entrepreneurship is perfectionism. #DanKennedyQuotes

To get quotes sent to your handset, take our happiness assessment quiz and make sure you include your number to get our best quotes.

Some Oldies But Goodies Quotes:

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