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2019 Moods Swings & Theme Songs to Go With Them

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Date: Jan. 2nd

Mood Swing: Attitude, Courage

I’m all about having music in my quiver of weapons of inspiration.   Coming  from the gym, today I was reminded of the Batlack Panther movie and soundtrack.  The movie inspired me to workout with hopes of looking somewhere close to King T’Challa.  And this became my theme song.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’ll be adding more tunes as the year goes on.

New Mood Added: Confidence and Swag

Today’s song adds puff to the chest when I hear the first few bars of it – before I hear a lyric.  And I’m curious to see what mood it puts you in.  Leave a comment below.

Date: Jan. 8th

Mood Swing: Super Swag and Confidence


So, here’s a new tune that I discovered while watching an apple commercial this past week.  It’s by Cosmo Sheldrake – yup. I didn’t know who he was either.  But after hearing a clip of his song “Come Along” in the iPhone XR ad, I had to hear more.

And I was not disappointed. This guy is good.  There’s two different videos of the tune – one’s gross and the other one’s not.  You’ll know why by minute 3 which one you want to watch.

Here’s the Apple Ad that got it all started…


Now here’s the actual video by the man himself.

Video Version No. 1 of Come Along | Cosmo Sheldrake


Video Version No. 2 of Come Along | Cosmo Sheldrake


Date: Jan. 21

Mood Swing: Retrospective-Reflection, Sobering

Today’s addition to the my Mood Swing list of 2019 is from one of my favorite groups from the 90’s maybe even early 2000’s as I might have had them on replay on my AIWA player 🙂  But on a strange mysterious note, this song popped into my head for some strange reason.  I have a suspicion that sometimes songs come into our minds as part of an internal them music cue or series that plays when something happens.  For me, I recently had a tiff with someone I care a lot about and cue Pearl Jam’s “Better Man”.  So, I had to search youtube and VOILA!

Now, what’s always fascinating about these tunes for me is what the message is in the song that I may be channeling or in need of listening to on a deeper level.  That’s what I’ve always battled with.  Asked another way…UNIVERSE!  What da hell are you trying to tell me with this song (whatever the song might be)?  And when I listen to the song I try to hear that message behind the song and see what part of it applies and what lesson I need to learn, re-learn or UNlearn.  So, this Mood Swing series is kind of a cathartic, self reflection, introspection and inspirational collection of tunes for me to explore my inner world and I hope it does the same for you to.  Or that you’re inspired to create your own list of “Mood Swing” tunes to listen to the universe’s subtle teachings.



What Mood or Mindset does this song conjure up for you?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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