Listen Now: The Hopeless Romantic’s “Time” Sensitive Valentine’s Playlist (2019 Edition)

Image - Helpless Romantic FrogI hate to blog and run but that’s what I’m doing in this blog post.  Well, I have to keep it short and sweet – that way, by the time you listen to some of these super sappy love songs I hand-picked it won’t get awkward between us.  You know, it can get weird if you start listening and I’m still ramblin’ on about how my heart was broken every 5 minutes throughout my early teen and high school years.  That’s not a good look for me.  And you don’t want to see me crying either about it.  So, with that said, let’s get mushy shall we?

It’s “Time” for Hopeless Romantic Love Songs to Make Their Comeback

Valentine’s day is coming up and in the spirit of Valentine’s day, I wanted to find some songs that had the word “time” or a time based reference as a theme or a memorable part of the song lyrics. (This will make sense when you listen to the playlist) Since my life these days is pretty much consumed with the preaching of the 24 Hour Blueprint method gospel of making the most of life by creating more meaning in daily moments, I felt it’d be perfect to create a short but growing list of hopeless romantic songs.  These are the songs I once got snot-nosed and misty-eyed over during my teen years that you can totally relate to.

So, I’ll caution you and say that I was a teen in the 90’s and I used to listen to 106.7 Lite FM when I lived in New York.  And man!  Those songs – Whew! They had just the right blend of relatable heartbreak medicine in their lyrics.  And that station became my comforter in times of hopeless romantic turmoil.  Anyway, I’m starting to break my word on keeping this short.  So, I’ll shut up, but you should feel free to add to the playlist by commenting your most memorable hopeless romantic songs and I’ll add them to the playlist.  Fair – right?  Good.

With that I present to you the…

24 Hour Blueprint’s 2019 Hopeless Romantic Playlist

No. 1 – Journey – I Want to Know What Love Is

(Relevant Lyric(s): “I’ve Gotta Take a Little Time…”)

No. 2 –

Tavares – It Only Takes a Minute

(Relevant Lyric(s): “It only takes a minute girl…”)

No. 3 – Heatwave – Always & Forever

(Relevant Lyric(s): Too many time references to count)

No. 4 – Jim Croce – Time In a Bottle

(Relevant Lyric(s): The title says it all)

No. 5 – Guns & Roses – November Rain

(Relevant Lyric(s): Uh, everybody needs some time on their own.)

BONUS – Jon Secada – Just Another Day

(Relevant Lyric(s): Just Listen and figure them out – you got this)

A Final Word…

The Message and Moral of the Story is This:  Yes, you can feel your hear got broken – but healing begins when you figure out how to use your time alone and fall in love with you again.  And of course, I want you to use the blueprint as your guide to making that time with yourself most meaningful.

Take a moment and learn more about how the 24 Hour Blueprint can help you make shift happen on your path to self love.



3 thoughts on “Listen Now: The Hopeless Romantic’s “Time” Sensitive Valentine’s Playlist (2019 Edition)

  1. So, what are you hopeless romantic song selections? Leave them below. I can’t wait to add them to the list.


    1. Cheers to that list and self love!
      In addition to your #3, I’ll offer:

      “Rock my boat” -Bob Marley
      “Can’t take my eyes off you” – Lauryn Hill
      “A thousand beautiful things” – Annie Lenox
      “Doctor’s orders” -Beres Hammond
      Happy listening…


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