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Welcome to Buihe Madu & Co. – Where Digital Marketing breakthroughs are applied to create real life solutions and where digital noise is silenced to offer greater clarity needed to boost effectiveness, happiness and daily productivity.  Digital marketing (and social media) today – believe it or not – is influencing at least 75% of what you’ll do today, tomorrow and the next.  And with that in mind, the question is are you influencing or being influenced by it all?  And if so, what value are you creating as an influencer and what can you do to make sure you’re influenced in a way that’s consistent with your values?  Ultimately, we believe in leveraging digital marketing and it’s tools to create a more harmonious life – a life where the digital world inspires you vs. distracts you from your goals and ambitions.  If that speaks to you, welcome home.

Got Questions or Suggestions?

You can message us with your questions via buihe@buihemadu.com and or send us topics that you’d like us to discuss and explore on the blog.

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