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How to Avoid Having a Bad Day Again – Kinda

FB Ad - Graphic - Plan Vs. ExecutionThrowback Thursdays shouldn’t throw you off schedule.  So, yes. It’s Thursday and I don’t have a throwback pic to share.  Buuut there’s the familiar picture (or nearby) of how I used to think my day should go vs. how it’d end up going.  So this post is about some of my experiences and lessons learned that I hope help you avoid having days that look like a #$%& line.  🙂

How to Avoid Having a Bad Day…

If you’re someone who’s really trying to up their daily performance game, you’re up and ready to kill it today right?  You laid your clothes out the last night.  You had your quick grab-n-go breakfast figured out.  You knew what time you needed to leave this time to beat traffic or make the train or bus.  Or if you’re a BALLER – you figured out when you need to order your Uber or Lyft.  But then the day gets started…

Plan and Be Ready for the Execution

Yup. The Plan on the left (see image above) starts looking like the Execution on the right.

Guess what though? You’re so not alone in that battle.  The struggle to manage your day and have it go according to plan is real.  That’s why the 24 Hour Blueprint Method was created.  It’s not a “shameless plug” just because I created it.  As a retired engineer, urban planner turned socio-digital marketing visionary and futurist, I saw the writing on the wall years ago.  Planners from Staples and Office Depot stopped working for me.  It’s like they didn’t account for the level of time sucking distractions and also the high level of focus on tasks required to get more done in today’s world.

Start to Create Your Own Plans or Planner

I actually tried to create my own planners using excel spreadsheets back in the mid 2000’s because nothing on the market was helpful in assisting me to plan and execute in a straight line.  I’d print those excel sheets and put them in a three-ring binder and I was ready to go.  And I did that to survive as a project engineer on a 100 million dollar project.  There were good days and bad days of course even with those homemade sheets.  But honestly, I feel like I had more good days than bad using my own planning system with 15min increments, daily to-do’s, etc.  Now, I’m not sure if you have the time to go that route, but that’s what worked for me then.  I’ve since taken the time and resources to hire graphic designers and admin folks to review, edit and create a finished product true to the format of my original “blueprints” and the idea that everyone should have days that are designed around what makes them happier.   And really thankful for that.

So, I wanted better days and created a 24 Hour Blueprint Method to do it.  But I also created a Playbook to share with those who needed a simple printable step by step playbook solution to run their busy lives with.

So, if you’re like me – tired of planning for straight lines and ending up with the squiggle, let’s do this together and take the 24 Hour Blueprint Method challenge.  Start with the Quiz-Assessment to get you on the right path.  After you take the quiz, I promise your score will help you start designing better days.

Have a great planned and executed day.



PS: If You’re Up of Discovering How to Avoid Bad Days that Look Like That Ole’ Squiggly Line.  Take the Quiz and see where the 24 Hour Blueprint adventure will lead you.

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