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How to Become Unforgettable to Your Prospects – The Power of Autoresponders

When generating leads, NOTHING is more expensive than a prospect who doesn’t remember why you’re following up with them.  So, in order to become unforgettable from the opt-in to sale, there’s great tools that help.

This post is part of a series known as the “10-Account Strategy” for creating a profitable coaching/consulting practice as a subject matter expert or coach.  But even if your product or service isn’t a exclusive to consulting services, the model is still valid.  Because what you need to know regardless of your product or service is how to make sure your prospect NEVER forgets you (until they’re ready to buy from you).

Overall, the 10-Account strategy is the one I used and implemented for a client project this year and it continues to produce amazing results.  The video (shared below) shows you the gross revenue figures produced from the project (watch the first 2 mins of the video).


Lastly, in the video walks you through:

1. The 5th account of the 10-Account Strategy which was implemented for a client in a recent project, which is an autoresponder account.

2. What the first 4 accounts are that need to be set up for your marketing efforts to work when applying this strategy. Along with that you’ll see how your email autoresponder fits in within the whole strategy for converting clients. 


3. Why it’s so critical to get this step right in order to be unforgettable to your prospects.

So, Watch. Learn. And If you choose to do it alone, implement this with extreme caution.  

But if you need help on your project – apply to schedule a strategy call. And we’ll go over your specific challenges and how we can breakthrough them to get the results you’re looking for.


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