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The 3 Must-Have Skills of the Invincible Consultant-Entrepreneur

In uncertain and turbulent times as these, coaches, consultants and subject matter experts that lack in the following 3 things – Subject Matter Expertise/Mastery, Sales skills (i.e. being able to handle any and all objections based on your prospects concerns), and digital marketing strategies (including direct response approaches), will sooner or later be wiped out by their competitors.

Look around you.

Look at who’s doing well and who isn’t and I’ll bet those that are confident about the future are one of 2 things. Delusional or Masterful.

Delusional meaning they think their gravy train is going to keep coming just because they’ve got a really good set of high paying clients that haven’t started tightening up their budget yet. And this therefore creates the illusion that all is well. But at some point, once the economy alarm rings, they’ll be wondering what happened to the good old days of fat checks without accountability to high performance results.

Those who are masterful on the other hand are confident because they know their destiny is a function of high performance skills and experience. And they also know what others can’t figure out and or will take a long time to figure out.

Along with that, they’re masterful at addressing their target customers questions in a way that makes it seamless for their future customers to say YES! (This is that sales element I mentioned earlier.)

And lastly, they know how to get the word out (i.e marketing) about who they do to their ideal client candidates in order to keep a steady stream of clients attracted to reaching out to them to solve their problems.

See the difference between the two?

One person is clueless.

The other is clued in.

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So, this video above if you haven’t watched it already, walks you through my recent discovery resulting from working with a client who inspired me to see the 3 skills of what I called “The Invincible Consultant.”

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