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Is Your Country’s Flag Represented Here? Check Out the Flags of Our Readers!

HEY!  I’ve got some exciting news!

Over the past few weeks as I’ve been working on building up the Buihe Madu & Co. blog’s content and community, I’ve started to pay attention to the site’s visitor analytics.  And I’ve noticed the diversity of readers that visit the blog.  And it makes me wonder – Who are they? What are they doing or searching for that leads them to the blog and so on.  Sometimes I’m sure they’re friends that follow me on Facebook, other times I’m not so sure.

But what I figured might be really cool was to celebrate each country that visits by sharing their flags below.  So, as our readership grows and site visitors as well as readers from new countries appear, I’ll be adding them to below.  If you’re country isn’t represented. Please leave a comment and we’ll add you.

Thank you for stopping by and thanks for reading.


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Buihe Madu


If you’re reading from any of those places please leave a comment so we can totally thank you and appreciate you in the comments.

You Like It? Love It? Want More Of It?  We Do Too.

Leave a comment below and show us some love.

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