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No. 1 Reason Why I Don’t Cook For My Non-Nigerians Friends Anymore – Jollof Rice Dilemma πŸ˜‚

Please Note: You have to have a sense of humor to enjoy this post. If you’re not in the mood for a good laugh, this wouldn’t be the best post for you to read right now.Β  But you’re welcome to come back when you’re ready to have a quick chuckle.Β  And if you rebel and continue reading but you don’t get the punchline to this post, don’t worry.Β  You didn’t miss anything.Β  But you’re welcome to take the quiz at the end.


If you’ve been around Nigerians before, they are a rambunctious bunch.Β  From soccer to music to Nollywood movies (not be confused with Hollywood or Bollywood)…Nigerians have no chill.Β  Everything is worth raising their voice, marching to the streets or dancing for. But one thing you can’t take away from them is the depth of soul from which they prepare their meals from.


Jollof Rice – World’s Greatest Rice Dish?

One of the foods that gets high praise from people all over the world is a rice dish called Jollof Rice.Β  This dish among Nigerians is a staple delicacy that is sought after especially at social gatherings.Β  If you’ve been around a Nigerian long enough and have had the privilege of being invited to a gathering, you’ve likely had it or been offered it.Β  It’s also often served with sweet plantains and a meat – chicken or goat sometimes and is usually spicy.


This rice dish, for those of you from the Latin or Caribbean regions of the world, can compete with the best Arroz con Pollo or Rice and Peas plates you’ve ever tasted.Β  And so with that, I want to share with you a video that I’d come across recently that captures and settles the debate on why Jollof Rice might be the hands-down the best rice dish out there.Β  It also explains why I don’t cook for non-Nigerians anymore.


Settling the Jollof Rice Debate & The No. 1 Reason Why I Don’t Cook For Non-Nigerian Friends Anymore

And for those who disagree, I invite you to find your version of the video below.


After watching this 1-min video, you’ll see why this is the no. 1 Reason why I don’t cook for my non-Nigerian friends anymore.


Enjoy it.Β  And have a Happy Holiday!

Video: The Nigerian Dilemma – To Cook or Not Cook Jollof Rice for Your Non-Nigerian Friends

Video Credits: World Of Africa TV

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In the comments below, share your version of the video above of your favorite cultural dish.Β  Thanks for stopping by and…

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