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No. 1 Lesson Engaged Couples Can Teach Consultants (and Business Owners) in 2020!

Well according to a major wedding services site prospect survey, in addition to talking to thousands of couples on their hotline, 96% of couples are not planning to cancel their wedding at this time, and 65% of those postponing are moving their reception to a later date in 2020.

– Wedding Wire

Let me ask you a question (or two) …

How bad would a “pandemic” have to be to steer you from marrying the man or woman of your dreams the way you’d envisioned and planned it?
Don’t you feel the universe should make way for you to have your special day your way?

Well, I received an email a few months ago with the subject line “Love is not Canceled.”  And the contents featured content from online platform for wedding vendors and it went on to share that “96% of couples (they surveyed) are not planning to cancel their wedding at this time, and 65% of those postponing are moving their reception to a later date in 2020.”

Crazy right?

What does this tell us about people – especially engaged couples?

What lesson can entrepreneurs, business owners, consulting professionals etc. learn from that statistic?

The answer will hit you in a few moments.

If you’re a consulting-type professional, with respect to digital marketing what were your business growth plans before the pandemic? (If you didn’t have any plans – uh oh. That’s a problem. Help is at the end of this post.)

Did you cancel them or rearrange them?  And why?  Where your plans based in love for your business? Or Calculations? Your convictions of what should work? Passion? Or convenience?

This year’s pandemic events in my opinion has separated the squeamish from the extremists. And I hope you’re on the extremists side.  Because if you’re not on the extremist side, you’re part of the 4% that perhaps cancelled their weddings because of external circumstances.

Essentially, what the 96% of engaged couples based on the survey can teach us is that weddings (and love) doesn’t get canceled when an unwavering commitment is present.  Sure, the partying might get delayed or postponed but the main event is still on.  And the same should apply to your business plans when it comes to scaling your current operating protocols and strategies to grow anywhere from 2X to 10X.  My client did that earlier this year and I was as shocked by the results as he was.  I provided a case study video at the end of this.  Bottom line lesson: STICK WITH YOUR PLAN AND FOLLOW THROUGH.

So, this weekend and in the weeks ahead, here’s a couple things I have as an assignment…

1. Take inventory of what your heart-based commitment looks like when you move forward with your “wedding plans” aka business growth strategy as intended. (Write it down.) Just like the couples that didn’t swerve in the face of a pandemic, find a way to stick with your business’ core intentions in honor of those it promises to serve regardless of what’s going on in the world.

Note: If you you feel you can’t see a way to do this – hire a coach with results you want.  (Please don’t complain about “the cost”.)

2. Accept your personal role as part of a generation that’s able to create a future of harmonic wealth impervious to calamity as a result of your no-matter-what resolve.  The world (incl. your family, community, friends etc.) could use those kinds of heroes right now.

When I say, “no-matter-what”, I’m not talking about “go march the streets and grab a gun” although that could be what’s on your heart too. I’m talking about responding to that nagging whisper(s) or set of instructions that your soul has been receiving for you to honor your personalized mission through your business.  I don’t know what that mission is, but I can definitely help you put some wheels or wings on it so it moves forward faster.

Now, if you already have a business that’s humming or may struggling along but could use a digital marketing tune up or inspection – use the book call button below.

So what now?

Well, if you’ve been stuck, stranded or looking to get someone to help you with how to identify EXACTLY what’s keeping your consulting practice from getting the growth results it needs online i.e setting up your premium coaching program, getting more clients who are attracted to high price offers, increasing sales or  your prices or margins to over $1,000 (up to $5000) per sale, this is a great time to get support.

Let’s connect before this week’s calendar fills up.

You can schedule a time on the calendar here.

Talk soon,
– Buihe

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