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4 Mind-Body Exercise Videos to Spark Your Morning in less than 30 mins

It took some time for me to find my new rhythm while working from home which really is code for figuring out what am I doing with my life?


The videos you’ll see in the playlist below are some the best ones I’ve come across so far that have been simple, direct and effective to apply.  If you’re like me, sometimes it’s hard to find your morning routine rhythm without feeling like you’re forcing yourself to have one.  And so, coming across these videos below have been a great benefit.


Here’s how I’ve used them in the morning and what my mornings are like.


After I wake up, I lay in the bed and let my mind wander.  I don’t force myself to get focused which some might not agree with or advise.  There’s a reason for this. So, for example, sometimes I’ll try to remember my dream and write down insights or I’ll listen to an audio book called Reality Transurfing which has been a mental game changer I added to my library.  And then after 15 mins, I’ll stop it and begin the breathing work you’ll see in the first video.


After the 11 min breath work video, I either do 10 min yoga or the 4 min full body work out – which is not to be underestimated.  Now, these 2 – 3 things don’t seem like a lot but the point isn’t to do a lot.  It’s to create a routine that grounds my body and mind to think clearly and engage with daily life passionately.


The last video in the playlist is informational and let’s you know the details surrounding the power of the breath work exercise in the first video.


Now, I also follow up my morning routine with a cold shower which according to my findings is great for the body’s immune system, mental clarity and overall well-being.


So, if you’re ready to change the game of your morning routine, check out the video playlist below and see how this could work for you.

Here’s to an awakening morning routine,



PS – The videos will play in sequence after you start watching.

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