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Sometimes before jumping into the shower in the morning – there’s an urge for theme music!  You ever had that feeling?  That happens to me almost every morning. And so I started a few years ago to grab a tune from here and there that  seemed to be good fits for morning theme songs.


There are some songs that never to seem to get old to me.   They offer nostalgia to my heart.  And there’s some songs that always take me somewhere and remind me of where I’m going to go next.  They inspire me to look as far ahead as possible and at the same time remind me of the comfort and peace of mind that comes from living to honor my soul’s art form.


I’m not sure what’s on your morning playlist and what it offers you but I hope it does something similar for you or more.  Below is my morning playlist and yes, you’re welcome to steal some tracks but I ask that you share and let me know in the comments what some of yours are by leaving a link.  I’d love to add them to mine as well if they’re a good fit.


Here’s to great mornings and the routines that empower us.





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