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MUSIC: What’s HE Listening to Now?…

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If you’ve read any of my blogs on other platforms in the past, I have a strange musical jukebox-oriented mind. Some mornings I wake up and hear a Jill Scott tune in my head.  Other mornings it’s Phil Collins.  The music doesn’t make sense sometimes but I just ride with it and search on YouTube to find the tune and let the music speak to me.

The Universe Speaks in Whispers Through Music

Sometimes I think the universe is speaking to me through the songs and my job is to play the song and listen for the message and guidance that’s within it.  The music isn’t always flowery and inspiring.  But I know that my job is to listen.  So, with that said, I now introduce this page of my blog titled “What’s HE Listening to Now?”  It’ll be posted regularly so that you can come and perhaps what the universe has to share with you with the combinations of strange musical concoctions.

Enjoy. Be Inspired.  Listen Closely,

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Buihe Madu | Music Enthusiast | Lover of Great Lyrics

And here’s…

What’s He Listening To Now…

Today, Sampha’s tune came to mind after listening to Drake’s Sampha inspired tune – Too Much.  And Sampha’s tune, “Indecision” struck a chord with me.  Listen and have a great time.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF8okFt4bGg?list=RDGxVdTQyEPQo]

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