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*Now Available* – The 24 Hour Blueprint Planner (2019 Edition) | Get Yours Now

The Early Year Offer period has ended.  Get it today, before the price goes up to $47!cta - buy 24 hour blueprint planner 17 - checkmarkedNote: This 24 Hour Blueprint planner isn’t for everyone.   It’s for the ones that are ready to do combat with their lesser selves and triumph. If that’s not you,  please read no further.

Are You Ready to Make Shift Happen?

I am too.  What I love about the 24 Hour Blueprint Method is that it’s all about Self Respect, Self Appreciation, Self Love as well as the Passion and Productivity needed to feel in control of your life again.  This is what you’ll be getting when you get the complete 24 Hour Blueprint Planner (2019 Edition).  All you you have to do after buying it, is 1. print the sheets you need and go. You no longer have to be stuck with pages of your planner that you don’t need or use.


So, here’s a summary of what it’s all about.

First to be able to make the most of your 24 Hour Blueprint planner you should already have a playbook – that was provided for free at the start of the year.  And the eBook version you have should look similar to the one nearby.

Second, and along with that playbook you should have taken a 24 Hour Blueprint quiz.  The quiz should have given you a score to start to honestly reflect on where you are at so you can be chart icon - quizclear on where you need to be.

Now, if you’ve gone through the playbook and watched the training videos, you’re ready to make shift happen.  And that starts when you get the 24 Hour Blueprint planner.  The 24 Hour Blueprint planner is where you start to design and craft your schedule to reflect the life you want to live and even if you’re not there yet, you can at the very least experience some peace with seeing where your time goes and how you can start using your time differently.  So, that’s what’s next for you – the opportunity to get a planner that finally works for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

So, here’s some questions that you probably already have that have been answered.

How is this planner different?

The planners we use today are from the 80’s.  That’s facts! Look at the examples below. See how old these look.  I mean, who has a life that ends at 5pm these days? 🙂

Screenshot - Old Planners Example.png

Not much has changed about them.  If you’re someone that’s struggled to find the planner that you could feel was custom made for you vs. you having to settle, you found it.  Here’s what the 24 Hour How Planner looks like.

Screenshot Blueprint Example for FB Ads
Example of 24 Hour Blueprint page – it goes from 12:00am to 11:30pm.  That’s a rare feature. That’s what makes it different.

So, if you love planners that you can physically hold, write on, see yourself check things off on, the 24 Hour Blueprint Planner is for you.  Designed with radical simplicity in mind, the 24 Hour Blueprint planner with dramatically lower your anxiety by giving you a place for everything.  For those who prefer – a customized version is available and created to your exact specifications.  This product is also available in a custom made form which you can brand after your own interests, passions and company. Enter that in the special instructions section of your order.

How does it work?

It helps you start trusting yourself when you write things down.  Keeping your thoughts clear to your energy can attract what you want.  Most of all, this planner helps you set up a calendar that you can then enter in Google to avoid double booking and time conflicts.

If you’re ready to make shift happen in your life.  You can order your planner below.  For a limited time, when you purchase a planner, you’ll receive an invitation to schedule a live coaching session with Buihe Madu the Developer of the 24 Hour Blueprint ($97 Value).

What’s Inside the 24 Hour Blueprint Planner?

Inside this planner you’ll find 138 pages …

These pages contain:

Over 50 daily dated pages (Jan. to Dec. 2019) for you to plan using what’s called the 3-week look ahead method (the training videos show you how to use it)

Screenshot Blueprint 3Wk LkAhead - Example for FB Ads
Example of the 3 week Look Ahead sheet.

It also contains 50+ pages of the Intentions and Outcomes page where you can capture and note your daily intentions and outcomes for the day and week.

Screenshot Blueprint Daily Intentions Example for FB Ads
Example of the Daily Intentions and Outcomes page

And at the end of the planner you’ll find 12 Monthly Calendar Sheets…

screenshot - monthly calendar example

And so much more.

Lastly, as a 24 Hour Blueprint planner use you’ll receive special invitations and access to Exclusive Online training events during the year with direct coaching from Buihe Madu.

So, here we are.  If you’re ready to make shift happen this year. (Take a deep breath) Let’s do this…

How much it the 24 Hour Blueprint Planner?

Although the 24 Hour Blueprint Planner retails for $97, it’s going to be offered for a limited time for $17.  Yep.  That’s it. No gimmicks. No tricks.  Just $17 for you to begin the transformation journey of designing your life using a method that’s proven – not hyped up.

cta - buy 24 hour blueprint planner 17 - checkmarked

Here’s some actual proof of the power of the 24 Hour Blueprint

Reviews By Past Students …

be61c-hector2bcoco252c2bmathematics2bmajor The (24 Hour Blueprint) program…emphasizes how to control your time and actually get to do most of the things that you want to do and STILL get your work done.

Hector Coco
Major: Mathematics | SUNY Buffalo | Graduate 2014

Review by Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs

photos-profile-pic-jon-earlyThe 24 hour blueprint takes happiness and satisfaction from being a nebulous, cloudy, come-and-go phenomenon and puts it in a format that allows it to be quantifiable, observable, and controllable.

Jon Early | Founder and Creative Director of Tealix (Web Development)



It opened my eyes to the definition of what “scheduling” my life actually meant…The concept is so simple that anyone can do it.

Brock Grady, Entrepreneur & Founder of Young Entrepreneurs Society (William & Jefferson College)


“This is Jenny, creator of Healthy Wealthy Wife …. Through the journey of this program I have begun on the path to clarity and vision in my own life. I learned how I can share that for the benefit of other Mom’s and Wives who are struggling to live the life of their design and choosing. I was able to overcome the fear of taking massive action and realized it really can be simple. I have now created a rhythm in my business and I am forming new habits and comfort levels with each day I am in integrity with myself.”


IF you’re a student, business professional or entrepreneur-business owner that feels overwhelmed with balancing your online work-life – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, cell phone notifications, Google Docs and searches for your specific how-to questions AND still finding time to grow spiritually, deepen your relationships, managing your finances, and getting “me time” AND stay organized…

…You’re not alone anymore…The 24 Hour Blueprint Planner and the growing community of users has your back.  So, let’s do this.  Take advantage of the limited offer below.

The biggest actual proof case to share with you is in this video below…


Ready to Make Shift Happen this Year?  Start Below.

Graphic - Arrow - Down

cta - buy 24 hour blueprint planner 17 - checkmarked

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