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(Note to new readers: If you’ve not viewed the brand new webinar training to learn how consultants can Stress Less and add More Revenue to their business through subject matter centered coaching programs, please make sure you do that now.  This post will make more sense after you watch it.)

So, let’s have a quick conversation about how to grow your consulting practice virtually overnight.

Here’s some advice for those who are stressed out from doing lots of work for clients at “competitive prices” and are tired of it:

Kill the Game with Service 🛎️ …

Here’s why.

Have you ever seen one of these bells on a concierge stand or desk before? –> 🛎️ …

Yes. I have too.

It’s the service bell.

We tap on it when we need SERVICE at the front desk and no one is standing there to tend to us right?!!!

And there’s nothing more annoying than tapping on the bell over and over again with no one showing up to serve you.

Have you been there – felt that annoyance?

Or how about when you call down to guest services from your room and the phone rings and rings and no one picks up?

This is why I’m talking to you right now.

If you’ve ever wondered how or why your business’ cashflow can’t double overnight, this is one of the reasons.

It’s all in one word: Service.

Let me give you an example…

Which of these two places would you expect better service (and an experience) from?

A. The Ritz Carlton?


B. The Motel 6?

(I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that you picked “A. The Ritz Carlton”)

✔️ Correct! — “A.  The Ritz Carlton” is the right answer.

So, let me ask you this – do you provide “B” level, Motel 6 service to your clients?

Or “A” level, Ritz Carlton service to them?

Your clients (and prospects) notice the difference even if they aren’t telling you that.

You see, right this moment, you can book a Motel 6 room for as low as $59/Night or book a Ritz Carlton room for $893/Night.

And if money wasn’t an issue – which hospitality experience would you want and pick?

You’d most likely book the Ritz Carlton. EVERY. TIME.

So, why would you ever ever ever…ever choose to offer “B” level service to a client or prospect?

And which type of service do you think your client wants to BUY from you (regardless of their budget)?

Don’t you believe they are willing to pay you for delivering on that “A” level Ritz Carlton type of service or experience?

The issue is most consultants don’t know how to follow through on that level of service to multiple clients consistently and simultaneously without burning out.

And they end up settling on just having competitive prices as their biggest selling point to avoid over promising and under delivering.

STOP being that kind of business owner or consultant.

And START learning how to put together an exciting coaching program that provides grade “A” level experiences (and cashflow to you) without you burning out.

Consider this: Your ideal client doesn’t necessarily want competitive prices, they want a superior coaching program experience guaranteed – and will pay for it if you show them undeniable evidence you can deliver on that promise.

I can show you a real case study on how it’s done.

Join me this week to learn How to Double Prices (And Cashflow) Overnight without Losing a Single Customer” via Zoom (Date and time will be emailed to you. Email buihe@buihemadu.com for the details) – And I’ll show you how one client of mine did this and is thriving.  (This event is only for clients who’ve seen the webinar. You’ll get webinar links via email.)

So, please make sure you watch the brand new “Stress Less More Revenue” inspired webinar training to learn how consultants can Stress Less and add More Revenue to their businesses quickly. Do that now.  And after that, you can get invited to this week’s “How to Double Prices (And Cashflow) Overnight without Losing a Single Customer” Zoom session.

Talk soon!

–  Buihe | Your Revenue Scaling Blueprint Coach

PS – If you’ve seen then webinar and haven’t booked a Revenue Scaling Strategy call yet, do it now.

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