*All New* Podcast – The GRIND Scheme Of Things

Podcast: The GRIND Scheme of Things

20180322_001836.pngIt’s official! The Buihe Madu & Co. Podcast – The GRIND Scheme of Things is LIVE on Anchor’s podcast platform.

The latest podcasts inspire life altering habits.  They reflect humble beginnings but, that’s where it has to start.  So, be gentle in your criticisms (of us and yourself) but also be patient because it gets better and I’d hate for you to judge the podcast or efforts from one listening.  Thanks so much for following and engaging.

Check out the podcast, The GRIND Scheme of Things, on Anchor here: https://anchor.fm/buihe-madu

Oh… oh. Before I forget.  And send me your questions or comments on Instagram regarding topics discussed or topics you’d like to have me cover individually or with our guests. You can also email buihe@buihemadu.com


Buihe Madu

Start Listening to us on Anchor!

Don’t forget to check out our podcast, The GRIND Scheme of Things, on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/buihe-madu

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