Access Productive Soul Replays

Here’s the Productive Soul’s official replay page where you can find the catalogue of replays available for you to review and revisit on your productivity journey. One of the most celebrated replay topics is below.

From getting groceries to packing up for your next vacation … we’ve all had a point in time when we discovered that if we didn’t write everything on our minds down on paper, we were doomed and likely to forget something. And so the to-do list habit becomes a default habit to rely on as adults that want to get things done.

But what happens when you have to work through multi-step estate planning paperwork for an aging parent? Or handle funeral arrangements? Or maybe navigate your career choices in the midst of a pandemic after your company has eliminated your position?

Do to-do lists still work then? This video walks you through a personal approach to looking at to-do lists and transforming how you handle them to better handle the more complex demands of adulthood.

Hope you enjoy it and share it to anyone you think would benefit.



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