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Video Q & A: What Is The 24 Hour Blueprint?

Graphics - Buihe Madu & Co. ePlaybookThis holiday. I’m working on sharing a message on the value of time.  And how we can value it uniquely especially during the holidays.  And as I was working on a recent marketing campaign to share that message, I came across a video I created years ago. I created it at the time to answer and address a simple question for my readers and productivity seekers.

And it was this:

What Is the 24 Hour Blueprint?

And the video below begins to scratch the surface.  But the answer honestly is at the end of the video and at the end of a rabbit hole that I believe will delight true productivity enthusiasts and seekers from all walks of life – students, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

I hope the video below answers your questions or at the very least inspires you to take the 24 Hour Blueprint Journey for yourself.

Cheers & Happy Holidays!

~ Buihe Madu



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