Quick Answers: What Happened to GetSideKick.com?

So, What Happened to GetSideKick.com?

This morning I was getting ready to put together an email campaign and use Hubspots Sidekick Chrome extension. And I saw videos from 2015 that referred to getsidekick.com.  Welp, that didn’t help.  And I did another Google search literally asking “what happened to Getsidekick Chrom extension?” What I learned is what is in the video below.

What’s Sidekick and What Do You Need it For?

Memes - No Gains Look (Cropped)Have you ever called someone or asked point blank – Hey, did you get my email?  And they say, No.  And in your heart of hearts you feel like they did but they didn’t want to tell you that they did? And you give them the look from your desk or at the meeting like (see picture)…
How could you proove they checked your email and ignored you? That’s kinda what Sidekick can help you with.


All Jokes Aside – Sidekick Helps You Track Email Better!

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneurs that’s putting together emails that you’d like to track i.e. learn what time of day your email is being opened, who on your list of email recipients have opened them or clicked through them – Hubspot’s Sidekick was the way to go.  But it seems like that changed a little bit.  You now can get it via Hubspot Sales Extension. If you’re new to the email marketing game or maybe realized that you need to get Sidekick working for you again in your email outreach or marketing efforts, I hope this video helps you on your journey.  You can also skip the video and download the tool and get it working for you.


Is The Inbound Marketing Model Right For You?

Graphics - Inbound Steps (FB Page)

Graphics - CTA Take Survey Inbound Marketing Blueprint.png

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