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A Buddhist Leader’s “Best Of” Quotes (& Lessons) on Time Management | Daisaku Ikeda

Note: If you’ve seen partos this series on the 24 Hour Blueprint Instagram account – good. You’re getting a double exposure to some of the best quotes I’ve come across on time management.  If didn’t know there was a 24 Hour Blueprint instagram account – go ahead, follow us there – here.

So, here’s excerpts of the recent post from Instagram.

In an article published by The World Tribune last January, World Peace Buddhist Leader, SGI President Ikeda shared some profound words of wisdom on “time management” and faith. The article was titled…

How to Master Time: It Starts with transforming our mindset to create the most value at each moment.

The series of quotes are excerpts from that article which address 4 Lessons on time management that I was inspired to share.

I hope you’ll enjoy them, leave comments and share them with those who you know would benefit.

Happy New Year!

Here’s the collection of posts in the series.

First Principles: Everyone Has the Same 24 Hours…

daisaku quotes

Lesson No. 1 – No Right Time…


Lesson No. 2 – Never Retreat


Lesson No. 3 – Exert 100 Percent Effort


Lesson No. 4 – Reflection & Meditation


(*Gongyo and Daimoku – Japanese for prayer and a mantra based on the Lotus Sutra)

Now, take a sincere moment to reflect on the words above and leave a comment or even start a journal entry.  No, no.  This doesn’t mean scroll to the next thing.  It really means put the phone down for a sec and actually think about the quote above 🙂


Buihe Madu

PS: Leave a comment and share your perspectives, I’d love to hear how this quote inspires you.

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3 thoughts on “A Buddhist Leader’s “Best Of” Quotes (& Lessons) on Time Management | Daisaku Ikeda

  1. My first inclination is to think about work and how I’m already a rockstar at making things happen. However, after putting my phone down for a sec 🤓 to really think, I realized I hadn’t considered my private life.
    Here is where I’ve landed: relationally, if I want friendships, family and community connections to strengthen, I need to create time and set intentions.

    1. …”Im already a rockstar…” 😂 And is that a nerd emoticon??? 😂 Good ones. But you’re on to something — the intentions definitely need to be set and the time. And most of all, the actions that reflect those intentions have to be very clear and easy to implement to get started. That’s where the blueprint planner (not to be confused with the playbook) comes in for planning for those times to act. Lookinh forward to hearing your success story. Cheers!

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