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Reason No. 1: Why Only 8% Will Achieve Success – Strong Imagination, Here’s Why…

Last week, the inaugural post of the series, 7 Reasons Why Only 8% Will Achieve Success This Year was published on this blog.  And the first reason was released and shared on my Instagram page.  For those who didn’t see the image there. I’ve shared it below.  And in this image I share 1 of 7 reasons I think only 8% will achieve success.  In that inaugural blog, I also mentioned that this series would be a comparison blog point for point with respect to the blog published by Marcel Schwantes in Inc.com in which he walks you through the 7 things high performers do differently than the 92% that won’t reach their goals.

Reason No. 1 Why Only 8% Will Achieve Success: Strong Imagination to the End

In Marcel’s article, one of the things high performers do differently is begin with the end in mind.  And although, we can stop right there, close the book and move on with life and say, “See, that’s the reason why 92% don’t make it…” I want to flesh this out.

From Inc. article:

1. They begin with the end in mind.

When setting goals, you have to know where you’re headed. When writing down your goals, make sure that you understand the path to your final destination. After all, a goal without a clear roadmap is just a pipe dream. Once you have your goal on paper, write out what you’ll need to get there. These are your subgoals and the resources that you will need to support you along the way.

Source: Inc.com Article, Science Says Only 8 Percent of People Actually Achieve Their Goals. Here Are 7 Things They Do Differently


Is it that low achievers don’t begin with the end in mind?  Is that really the reason they don’t get the job done?  Maybe.  That’s one justification.  But I want to propose a different perspective.  Just as the statement, “begin with the end in mind” implies, the high performer begins with an end that has been clearly visualized in his or her mind.  And since the mind is where imagination exercises and flexes its muscles, you could say, high achievers have a greater skills and use of applied imaginal powers than the 92% that fail to achieve their goals.

Perhaps, 92% under apply themselves to following their imaginal visions to the end to the point of taking a pen an paper to capture the dictates of their mind’s eye or imagination as it reveals what actions to take to cross the finish line and reach their goals.  From this, I submit to you that imagination, the lack of its full use is reason no. 1 behind failure of the 92%.  When something is clearly imagined and followed through, there is no “chill” button to keep the person from following through and getting the job done.

What Can Be Done By the 92% To Reach 8%’er Performance Goals?

So perhaps you’re an aspiring 8%’er.  If that’s you – ask yourself: How loyal am I to my imagination and its instructions on what to do as it reveals to me the tasks and duties I must execute and implement to reach my goals?

Maybe it’s time to trust your imagination more than ever and actually submit to its guidance towards reaching your goals.

Your 8%’er Assignment

Give it a shot for the next 24 – 48 hours and keep a pen and paper within reach the entire time from sun up to sun down and watch what happens.

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