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Some Job Security Options for the Unemployed to Consider…(Newsletter Excerpt)

Before Your Start Reading…

This post was inspired by an email I recently sent ONLY to my email subscribers.

And what you’re about to hear and read is kind of like overhearing a conversation you’re not supposed to. (Shhhhh) Or intercepting a note being passed that’s about you.


So, this week I wrote a blog post that blew my mind as I was researching and writing it.


The blog post was called the “No. 1 Pandemic Career Move You Must Make Now!“.


As I was doing some research for that blog post, I discovered an elephant in the room.


The elephant was Americas unemployment numbers – 30 Million Americans are currently Unemployed. (Source: Forbes.com)


And I also learned that the most impacted occupations have experienced all or some of the following: lay-offs, reduced hours or reduced pay.


That’s when I started to remember my life in 2010 – The real estate crash I think it was.


I was laid off twice that year! First, in July. And then in December – just before Christmas.


And I remembered three challenges I faced as I wondered what I was going to do to replace my income to support myself and family.

In the months that followed, I was faced with…


1. The Pivot/Career Shift Challenge: This was the challenge of figuring out if I should go back to school to get new skills, a degree or a certification.


1. Job Search Challenge: This was the challenge of finding companies still hiring workers in my field of engineering or urban planning (that also paid what I felt I commanded as a seasoned professional).




3. Lastly, the Applied Specialized Knowledge Challenge: This was the challenge of figuring out how to start a consulting practice using the specialized body of knowledge, skills and wisdom (aka intellectual capital) that I’d gained from 9+ years and working on over $100 Million on various projects combined. And I wondered how I might be able to find and support the small businesses or companies who could benefit from my intellectual capital.

Out of the three challenges, I considered and or explored all three. And looking back, only one of them was what I felt was my best career move to make.

And that move was based on option 3 – Figuring out how to start a consulting business using the specialized body of knowledge, skills and wisdom that I’d gained from working on over $100 Million in project volume. And I also wondered how I might be able to help small businesses or companies who could benefit from my intellectual capital.


A few months later, I did my best back to leverage what I’d learned from a decade of engineering and urban planning projects and started to consult small businesses using a project engineering methodology which I’d developed from all those years of working in the industry.


Along the way, digital marketing gained a special place in my heart when one of my clients revealed to me how it was going to transform her business to dominate the market. And I was smitten. I decided I would learn whatever I could about digital marketing. The rest is history.

It’s been rewarding to grow and evolve into a specialist in the digital marketing consulting field. And there’s still so much opportunity for growth and expansion.


And so, learning recently about what the unemployed American is going through today, reminded me of that time in my life in 2010 when I was unemployed and uncertain of my next income security move.


So, I have awakened to the fact that what I’ve learned since 2010 hasn’t been just for me, but it’s also for those who are going through what I went through.


And through the digital platforms that I have access to today, I looking forward to doing my best to help those who are where I was.


For anyone trying to figure out what their next best move needs to be in these uncertain times, this blog post and the content below is dedicated to you.


I hope you not only find value in all the content, but that you apply what you learn and produce the results you need to live without fearing what could happen to your income in the hands of an unstable economy.


So, like I said, the content below is from an email I sent to my subscribers recently. It’s filled with some inspiration and the nuggets they asked to receive in the privacy of their inbox = away from the bright lights and noise of social media.


Again, if you find some useful nuggets, please apply them to your business, life or whatever excites you and share with me your victories (and challenges too).

Also, please leave comments and questions if you have some.



PS: The email I sent to my subscribers is below.


Subject: Exciting News, Help Me Help You…

Hey, did you know?

YouTube has 2 Billion users who watch 1,000,000,000 hours – That’s 1 BILLION hours of content A DAY!

And …

There are 31 Million Youtube Accounts that provide that content.

Recently, I realized that it was time for me to step up to be…

a greater contributor of meaningful growth-based content.

And of course, I accepted that I am one of the 31 Million Accounts that could offer that content. 

I also realized that I can work and honor some of those 30 Million Americans who are currently unemployed that would love to learn how to market their subject matter expertise online.

So…this means…

🚨 I’m Relaunching My YouTube Channel … 🚨


I want you to be a part of that kick-off!😲

That means together – you and me, we’ll be building community and content.

And that same content will make sure you (and others like you) don’t have to suffer learning how to transition and a business virtually. 

I’ll also be featuring subject matter experts to share their results from using the Revenue Scaling Blueprint growth strategies I’ve been showing with you.

The biggest thing I really want all subscribers (that includes you) to experience is being heard. I also want them to feel supported by representing their voices in the content produced.

Details of the launch will be shared in another email.

2. Last, it’s also that time of the week when I share the weekly assignment!

Here’s what they were:

1. The No. 1 Pandemic Career Move You Must Make Now! (Blog Post w/ Video) 


Reading time / Watch: 5 min

(This article walks you through the 10 industries that have had significant job losses, reduced hours and lower pay.  It then guides you on what you can do next to project your income if or when you’re impacted by these changes.)

2.  Watch the Video “How to Attract Revenue Using Linktree

Video Length: 10:00 mins +/-

If you’ve missed my pre-Masterclass series on the 10-Account strategy my client used to create a $200k coaching course then you have to definitely check out the Linktree video.

After that’s complete, you can avoid some entrepreneurial, time and money traps by reading…

This article: 

3. The 3 Risks of Unsupervised Marketing (And How to Avoid Them)

Reading time: 5mins

That blog post’s full scoop is below since it was my latest one.



PS: How was your week? If you need to talk, I’m here.

PPS: Make sure you watch all the videos; the future trainings I’ll be sharing with you is all connected to them.


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