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Step 2: Review/Understand What Chill Code™ Quiz Score 4 – 5 Means


Great Job!

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Chill Code Journey - Step (2)

Please do the following immediately:

  1. Watch the quiz score review video. The video will tell you what your score actually means and what actions you can take as well as which tools to you can use help you improve it.
  2. Read the section below the video to fully make sure you don’t miss critical action steps.  Below each section, you will see a written and video presentation of what your score means for you and your lifestyle as well as details for the tools you can download to help you get more done, stress less, grow and thrive.
  3. Watch the free Chill Code™ Webinar training (while it’s still available) to improve your quiz score.  The webinar training will also show you how to increase your ability to handle and use stress to grow, get more done and triple your effectiveness and productivity at the same time.


***If You Don’t Have Your Weekly Score Yet, Please Check Your Email Spam or Promotions Inbox for Your Score.*** 

1. Watch Video: So, what does your 4 – 5 score really mean?

2. Read: Scored 4 to 5?

If You Scored between 4 or 5 – It Means, You’re Satisfied – Extremely Satisfied with Your Life!

Your Challenge(s) & Struggles:

If you scored an average of to 5 points in a specific area (spiritual, social, financial, emotional and physical) or overall, this means that you have not only found your patterns or flow to be productive in that area, but you are really HAPPY.  You feel more whole and complete.  You don’t feel like something is missing in order for you to be consistent and reliably happy.  You are masterful at keeping your “why” in front of you at a consciousness level.  Without a doubt, the tasks or routines you have committed to are bringing you joy, peace and fulfillment. Emotionally you’re happy, at peace and asking yourself, can it get any better than this?  You’re looking for opportunities to show and share your powers and happiness.  You want to help others.

What You Should Do: 

800px-whistle_icon-svgAt this point, you can start teaching and empowering others.  People are clear on what your why is.  And they see how you’re putting your true motivation(s) and the “why” of this area of your life in front of you.  Your physical environment is filled with evidence of your “why”, your motivations, your inspirations.  And since you have started mastering the skills and habit to create tasks and routines inspired by the joy of knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, you creatively use systems and apps to make life simpler.  Again, This is where Google’s suite of tools or apps come in really handy.  In this case, Social Media, Google or similar platforms are integrated for designing and sharing a life you love.

Playbook Coaching Tip:

To keep all of this going – the joy and freedom of performing your daily tasks and routines, creating life on your own terms, you can start toward mastery.  This means you’re next best move should be to be equipped to apply to take one of our 24 Hour Blueprint coaching programs.  This reinforces what you’ve learned and gives you an edge to stay sharp and live into Extreme Satisfaction.  Great Work!  Explore the course below.

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3. Watch Chill Code Webinar Training Now!

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