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Step 2: Review/Understand What Chill Code Quiz Score 1 – 2 Means


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Chill Code Journey - Step (2)


Congratulations! – If you just took the Chill Code Quiz, please do the following immediately:

  1. Watch the quiz score review video. The video will tell you what your score actually means and what actions you can take as well as which tools to you can use help you improve it.
  2. Read the section below the video to fully make sure you don’t miss critical action steps.  Below each section, you will see a written and video presentation of what your score means for you and your lifestyle as well as details for the tools you can download to help you get more done, stress less, grow and thrive.
  3. Register for the free Chill Code Webinar training (while it’s still available) to improve your quiz score.  The webinar training will also show you how to increase your ability to handle and use stress to grow, get more done and triple your effectiveness and productivity at the same time.


***If You Don’t Have Your Weekly Score Yet, Please Check Your Email for Your Score.*** 


1. Watch Video: So, what does your 1 – 2 quiz score really mean?

Read Scored: 1 to 2?

Did You Score between 1 to 2 in overall or a specific area? It means you’re feeling a certain amount of Extreme Unsatisfaction and Unsatisfaction within that area.

Now, let’s talk about your possible Challenge(s) & Struggles are and WHY it is this way:

If you scored between 1 or 2 points (or in between) in a specific area of life (i.e. spiritual, social, financial, emotional and physical) or overall, this means that you are struggling to find your sense of purpose in that area.  You might lack sufficient motivation.  Emotionally, you might feel angry, afraid, anxious and hopeless about the results you’ve produced in that area so far and question if you will ever change.  You may also not have an adequate “why” or inspiration to get started and head towards taking action and being consistent.

So, what should you do?  Here’s what you can do right now: 

800px-whistle_icon-svgGrab a piece of paper right now or a journal you use, and write down your true motivation and the “why” for what you’re doing in this area of your life.  No matter how embarrassing or ashamed you feel about your “why”, you have to own it. And you can’t compare your why to other peoples why.  And with that being clarified, you’ll begin to find joy, peace and freedom in performing your daily tasks and routines – especially the ones that will help you reach your deepest goals.

Playbook Coaching Tip: 

So, if you didn’t already know, the 24 Hour Blueprint playbook was created to help you along your journey.  And there are parts of the playbook that will be very targeted in helping make the shifts you want. On pg. 7 there’s a part of the playbook that has a chart called the “Ten Worlds of the Human Condition.”

You can use the “Ten Worlds of the Human Condition” section of the playbook to make sure your mindset and consciousness is in the right place. This section also contains an ancient Buddhist model of the human condition and walks you through all the states of consciousness that inspire human behavior from Hell (World No. 1) to Enlightenment (World No. 10). It’s profound and can help you determine or create a new level of consciousness to bring to your daily tasks and activities.

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3. Watch Chill Code Webinar Training Now!

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