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Testimonials from Coaching Clients

There are many ways to ENRICH ones life. The problem is many just look for the RICH part without the EN… If all you do is for money then what good will come of it when you attain it? When you do more for others it in turns shows how blessed you are to have the privilege of giving back… Riches don’t last, but wealth and prosperity is a state of mind and being and that will last well into and beyond your success… At one point in life I had it all, in another point I have been rock bottom. There is a key to break this cycle and it’s not a scam, you just have to take the time to believe in you like those around you do. My goal is a legacy that I will leave behind for my girls along with the knowledge I gained by doing this. What will you leave your children??? Something to think about the next time you think money is the key to success… It all starts with you and how you view yourself. Positivity is nothing if your too busy living a lie just to survive or make ends meet… Buihe Madu brother something clicked in my spirit today. Thank you very much! There are many of you I wish to help and all that’s required is your time and patience. There is no such thing as getting rich over night, for what you attain swiftly you will lose just as fast. Slow and steady always wins the race for their able to observe and study the entire terrain… ~{V}~

Alpheus Orjuna

24 Hour Blueprint Club

With Buihe Madu


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